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Monday, April 05, 2004

I tried to remember a funny little tidbit of a phone conversation I had with Chuck last night, here's what it basically was like:

(Chuck says something pertaining to "cum")
Jacquie: (mumbles to self) "And everybody cums and cums again..." *chuckle*
Chuck: What did you say? All I heard was the cum part.
Jacquie: I was just humming a part of "Big Balls" by ACDC.
Chuck: That's what I thought, I don't know of any other song with the word "cum" in it.
Jacquie: Well, I'll have to go online and do a "cum" search.
*Both break out in laughter*

Good stuff. I didn't stop laughing either. I kept saying "Ok...ok...I'm done" and then Chuck would say "...No, you're not" and then I'd laugh some more. Who needs to study AP bio when you can talk about going on a crusade for cum. You know what's funny? I bet this stupid AOL parental block won't allow me to go to my own site because of my repeated usage of the word "cum." Such cocksucking, mother fucking, pick-up trucking bastards...bitch!

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