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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Well, since I enjoy rambling on and on, I figure it's due time that I ramble on and on about the Junior Prom and such.

On Saturday, my dad's girlfriend's sister, (what a mouthful!) Sandy, did my hair, and she did a fantastic jorb! I went to Brittany's house beforehand to get primped and such, and many a freaked out girl could be seen scrambling to and fro, trying to keep her head from falling off. Chuck came to Brittany's, and he looked handsome, like usual. He gave me the most beautiful corsage, and I...couldn't even pin his boutinier (sp?) on. Wow. Then everybody's FAVORITE time, picture time, took place, and I'm surprised that I only saw spots for a couple minutes.

After hearing the phrases "Be careful!" and "Don't get pregnant!" several times, Chuck and I headed off to Spring Mill where the Junior Prom awaited us. Of course, a little Toto was needed beforehand! When we arrived, we said our hellos, then made our way to our table. It turned out that we each recieved a picture frame as a memento (oOo), but the best part of it was the picture of a woman holding her spastic son in the frame. That kid is my hero! After eating dinner, we decided to go dance it up...or at least TRY to. One funny thing that happened was when a bunch of people (Marina, Nick, Ryan, Jocelyn, Chuck, me, etc.) decided to rave in the coat room. We ended up staying in the room with the least amount of people in it, which was more fun, because we could clown around without injuring ourselves as well as others. Let me just say that Chuck + Lance = hilarity. The DJ even played a medley of "Ice Ice Baby" and "Under Pressure" to the delight of Marina and I. *Beams* Where's our debate club when we need it? After losing my camera, Fichtman yelling at Chuck to put his clothes on (it's NOT what it sounds like...really...), and Chuck stealing the flowers from our table, the prom was over, but oh, the party had just begun...

We headed to Nikki's house for a super foxy co-ed sleepover, and on the way had a little automotive fun with Brandon Jones. We watched American Pie and Matchstick Men in her basement, and that sounds like a rather normal evening, but it was hands down the most incredible night of my life. Chuck and I were wrapped in each other's embrace, and I couldn't be any happier. Ok, so that sounds sappy, but it felt as if there was an emotional outpour of love between us, it was unbelievable. Just...man, just being there with him is incredible enough, but just cuddling with him was...indescribable, really. Man, I could look into his eyes forever...Anyway, so unfortunetly, we had to abide by the rules and split up, girls upstairs, guys downstairs. I couldn't go to sleep because Nadia and Lindsay were talking and listening to ringtones, so as a result I got really pissy. They eventually moved to Nikki's room, so I got maybe 2-3 hours o' sleep. When I woke up, Nikki, Lindsay, and I decided to go wake up our dudes, and when I saw Chuck's initial look of bewilderment fade into that of happiness, I knew that my day wasn't going to be bad after all. After eating breakfast and watching Biodome, a high-quality flick, Chuck and I left, and I went home, where I became more ill, and fell asleep for a little while to the sound of race cars and drunk men. God bless the hicks.

So there it is...if you're still with me...hello? *poke poke* Ok, well, th-th--th-that's all folks!

P.S. Chuck, I love you! :)

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