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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Man. I don't know what to talk about. Oh wait, how about Chuck.

Chuck is amazing, funny as hell, sincere, kind, crazy, EVERYTHING, not to mention incredibly handsome. I'm just ecstatic, all the time. I was in a major slump prior to him, and now I feel so...uplifted and alive. I admit, I'm still a little lost as far as the future goes and my priorities according to OTHER people aren't in order (apparently Chuck is not far up on their list), but I couldn't be any happier. I need to stop worrying, in fact, I'm done worrying. I'm not going to slack completely, I'm just...not going to let it get to me. Chuck's a daring guy, and I think a little adventure in my life is what I need. I was afraid of change for a while, and I'm starting to let go of that. I went driving for the first time yesterday, and it wasn't bad, but I'm just not used to being in control of things like that. I've been sheltered for my entire life because, you know, god forbid I injure myself. Sometimes precaution can inhibit you from enjoying your life, and maybe that's what's happened to me until now.

Well, enough about me. Back to Chuck. Ok, so my thoughts and life are wrapped around him currently, so I may be blabbing on and on about him. I don't think there's enough space and patience on your behalf for me to say everything I can about him. He's just...man, I can't describe him. He's the embodiment of everything you could ever want in someone. Nobody's perfect, but I think he's pretty damn close. We have a lot of common interests, and I could just talk to him forever. All I want to do is be near him. We only see each other every day for a little bit, but you'd be surprised at how much that can brighten you day, hell, LIFE. I saw him unexpectedly today in the library, and instantaneously, English class became wonderful.

Well, he went to a Jazz Band competition tonight, so I wish him the best of luck! I'm staying home tonight, and beginning my pre-prom primping for tomorrow night. Man, I'm going to have to look like a GIRL! *Gasp* I know, I'm actually going to paint my (poor excuse for) nails, which happens only when I'm so bored I have keep my hands busy to refrain them from chucking nearby objects across my room. I excited, but I have to try and convince my uber hick (check THAT phrase out) dad to let me attend a co-ed sleepover. I'm glad that both my parents have bad track records, so they think that their high school experiences apply to me. I'm also glad because none of that really applies to me, but nobody trusts me. *Sigh* This is going to be interesting...

Well, even if I'm not allowed to go, I'll still have a good time tomorrow night, because THIS Cinderella has gotten herself a date with the lovely Prince Charming.

Chuck, I ♥ you! Thank you for everything so far, and everything that's sure to come. :)

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