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Friday, February 13, 2004

Say Anything...

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Happy Valentine's Day, lovah. So, I'm not really doing anything as far as "V-Day" goes. However, V-Day makes me think of D-Day and VE and VJ-Day. I hate World War II.

However, I do NOT hate Say Anything. If you've never seen it, I suggest you cuddle with your "honey" tomorrow and watch it. It's a "sigh" movie, and I love John Cusack. Now, THAT'S what I should be doing tomorrow, watching that movie, but my dad doesn't believe in renting movies...just like he doesn't believe in going to the doctor. I love my voluntarily redneck suburban father. *Sigh*

I have me a Valentine, y'all! Dan, the nicest person in the world, gave me a dozen roses and a teddy bear today! I had a horrible "trip" yesterday (yes, it WAS that time of the month *rips your heart out, takes a nibble or two*), so I really needed something like that! Too bad we can't date with out weird "sibling complex" thing, or else we'd make the BEST COUPLE EVER. I need to find me something close to a "Dan," if I can be that lucky. I probably don't even deserve it. *Sigh squared*

I'll close this blah fest by saying...cracker, please!....Please? Ok, fine, I'll get a Saltine and/or Ritz on my own! Psh!

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