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Friday, February 06, 2004

"Police Standoff Ends

Warwick Twp, PA Feb. 6, 2004 ? A man, Thomas Malone (pictured left), has been apprehended and is injured after a standoff with police in Jamison, Warwick Twp. Bucks county. The incident started around 1:53am at a residence is in the 22-hundred block of York Road in Jamison (Warwick Twp.)

Police say 52-year-old Thomas Malone and a 37-year-old woman from Richboro, relationship unknown, became involved in some type of disturbance.

Shots were fired at the female and she fled and called police. When police arrived shots were fired at police. No officers were injured, nor was the female who fled.

Police attempted negotiations with the man and talks broke off at around 4:30am.

A senior apartment complex nearby, Yorktown Senior Residence, has police present but no evacuations.

Police have closed York Road (between Bristol Rd. and Mill Rd.) also Almshouse Road is closed between Meetinghouse Road. and Land Road.

Due to the weather the school delay has helped with the kids because there are schools on both sides. Several businesses are closed in the area.."


Something remotely exciting happened finally in J-SON, and perhaps we now can get some "street cred", if you know what I mean. I even LIVE off of Yizzork Rizzoad, so give me respect, yo. Holla!

YEah. Wait, yes, YES! I just saw a pig bird fly!

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