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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Last night = amazing.

Chuck and I delivered much needed chaos to the Barn Plaza last night. Chuck had these two foam Lego swords that he got in Disney, and we sword...fought across the parking lot. We continued our du-el into Marshalls, as well as playing with all of the kiddie toys, including this awesome laptop that we made techno beats to. We did the same in Kohl's, and Chuck threw a toy across the store and tipped backward the handicapped mannequin. I nearly wet myself.

We stopped in Applebees and had some orgasmic potato skins, and Chuck...snorted a line of sugar. He's in rehab now, so I'm sure he'll recover. (He's doing NutraSweet now) I think we weirded our waitress out a couple of times, so yeah, mission accomplished. We trekked back to the movie theater, and on the way these two kids stole his swords and started playing with them. Lame to the max. While at the movies, we went into the arcade, and this girl touched Chuck's ass and asked if we were going out, both awkward AND random as hell.

Yay for yesterday. No yay for today. 9-4 at school doing set construction for the play. It wasn't bad, but I had the worst job EVER. Someone spilled a gallon of paint in a cabinet, and left it there, with other things in the cabinet as well. It took me about an hour to clean it up, and I even scrapped some of the dried paint off with my nails. This would be a preppy girl's worst nightmare, but my fluctuating OCD helped me through this one. Now I'm going to go rock climbing...what a day...

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