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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Last night = amazing time with Chuck (again)

Spread chaos throughout the Barn Plaza once more, because this place needs to spice up its life...oh god, the Spice Girls *sings Spice Up Your Life* Grrr...we listened to music, went to a park, gooooood stuff!

Arg, I could have done something with him tonight too, but I had to study for bio, which I'm not even doing at this point. I can't concentrate on bio if there's not complete silence, and with a one-floored house where the living room is connected to EVERYTHING, I usually can't get anything done. I actually wanted to study, too. My grade kind of RELIES on this test at the moment...man, my brother has a more obnoxious laugh than I do...

I'm in kind of a bad mood, because of the whole thing above and other things, but I don't feel like putting a burden on anyone. That's probably why I got this blog in the first place. Actually, that's not true, it probably was an extention of my obsession with Weezer...wow, I hope none of you remember that. If you do, my condolences, friend.

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