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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

If you're having a bad day, think you're an absolute ass and/or moron, check THIS out:

Today, during chorus, Nadia decided to take apart Marina's disposable camera, because she is the founder of Byrnes Destruction Co. (Rival of Baker Construction) So as was good and well, and she took out the part of the camera that made the flash work and said, "This is the part I don't think you should touch." It had a battery on it and it looked touchable, so I thought, psh, why not?

So, I was examining it, touched one side of the battery and ZZ! I got shocked and unconciouslly threw it at Nadia. I have 4 little blisters now because I'm an ass. *Bows* Thank you.

It's like the incident last year when my chem teacher said, "Don't touch the silver nitrate," so natrually I did, and wound up with little brown speckles all over my hands. They were kinda cool...

Read The DaVinci Code. Just do it, it's awesome.

Steph and I made up a dance that we'll most likely premiere at the Junior Prom. With the dynamic duo as "choreographers," you KNOW it's gotta be good. ;)

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