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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Tonight pretty much destroyed the "blah" phase I was going through. I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at Warwick Elementary, because Lauren directed it for her GP. I expected to see a really cute show with a bunch of little kids dressed up like fairies and such, but what I DIDN'T expect was to have as much fun as I did AFTER the show.

It was just me, Jess, Alorx, Nick, and Smokey, THAT'S RIGHT, Matt Smookler! I hadn't seen him since the end of 8th grade, it was so great to see him again. All we did was reminisce of middle school PEN days, and even talked about things that have happened recently. We just talked for over an hour, until Mrs. Ames (grr) forced us to leave. Alorx is the best storyteller ALIVE. Jess and I were dying from laughter the whole time!

I was watching the play, and totally loved this one kid who played the role of "Bottom", if I was in 6th grade, he'd have to watch himself, heh. It was funny, seeing them and thinking THAT'S what I did 6 years ago (I did my PEN play in 5th grade at Jamison) and time has gone by SO quickly. Everything in the school used to be gigantic, the gym seemed like it went on infinitely, but it was...Small. As well as the stage. When you're in high school, you become jaded and tired of all the endless shit, and as we were talking, we were remembering PEN classes in middle school when school was ACTUALLY FUN. God forbid that word should be uttered in an institute of knowledge.

So the "big break" starts tomorrow, and I'm all ready for it. Bring on the slippers and Ramen noodles, baby!

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