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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

So for my online course I'm doing on Health Careers (because I have no life) I decided to have fun at the Online Occupational Handbook, and looked at Embalming. That job would depress me like no other. I think I might even like being one of those scientists who examine feces to determine what an animal ate better.

"The embalmer washes the body with germicidal soap and replaces the blood with embalming fluid to preserve the body. Embalmers may reshape and reconstruct disfigured or maimed bodies using materials, such as clay, cotton, plaster of Paris, and wax. They also may apply cosmetics to provide a natural appearance, and then dress the body and place it in a casket."

It's art class all over again!

Last night Dan and I had a quite...interesting conversation, to say the least. Basically, our new favorite inside joke is ovulation. Just say it, it's so soothing. We decided there should be DDO (Dance Dance Ovulation) and the DDO pads would be...pads with four walls instead of four arrows. Genius, I know. Dance Dance Ovulation to the Maxi! I think there should be an Ovulation Revolution where people just insert it in sentences and such, as Dan suggested, like Smurfs. For example, "Oh man, last night, me and my ovulating girlfriend ovulated together. It was so ovulatingly ovulatastic!"

And to think, this whole thing started on Thursday night when Dan said, "I'm hungry" and I answered "I got my period."

Next time you eat a fruit, just remember that you're eating a plant ovary. Mmmm...plant ovaries. I feel in the mood for a plant ovary salad, how about you? It would be simply ovulatastic if we ovulated our plant ovary salads together. Ovary that.

Did I just write a whole entry about ovulation...I believe I did.

Future job occupation: Ovular scientist

Once again, I am the freakiest freak in the freaking world.

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