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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Consider this, if you will:

(Scene: Saturday, November 1st- "Our Town" rehearsal, the wedding scene. The choir is standing in the center of the stage facing the audience behind Sean Phillips, the priest)

Jacquie, a choir member, starts to poke Sean in the back because she's immature and needs some sort of amusement. She makes weird gestures behind Sean's back as if to grab his ass. Then, with the proposition of the idea as well as the consent of others...she goes for it.

Jacquie swiftly grabs Sean's ass with both hands. Although it wasn't light, it is hard enough to make Sean, who was standing on the edge of a wooden box, fall over while making "doggy paddle-like" movements with his hands. A good laugh was had by all, even though the wedding couple almost were knocked to the ground, and only a few chorus members and townspeople were aware of what really made him fall over. Fichtman yelled out, "Sean, stay still!" and Sean turned around and promised Jacquie a payback...

Bring it. ;)

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