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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Today rocked my blue, striped toesocks. I went to the parking lot across from the giant toilet (Doylestown Courthouse) around 10:50 and helped to get the Student Council float ready for the Homecoming Parade at 3. Our theme for this year was Survivor, so we had to put up all these trees and such. We wore our ripped up SC tees from last year, along with face paint, and we even had a little voting box, tiki torches, and a goal post with the Survivor and "Keep on Surviving" signs that Jim, Dana and I made earlier in the week. Too bad Caitlyn's CD player didn't have any batteries, or we could have played "Suvivor" by Destiny's Child. Oh well.

The parade didn't last that long, but CERTAIN people who would get off the float because they WEREN'T IN THE COMMITTEE kinda pissed me off. Heh. I was practically yelling the whole parade, so after saying "Go East!", "Go Patriots!" "Vote off the Bucks!" and "I'm losing my voice!", my voice was a little shot.

Afterwards, Dana, Bridget and I were dropped off at the parking lot afterwards by Rob. Elena had some car chalk, so we wrote stuff on the car with it. After that, we went to a gas station to get gas and ended up vacuuming the car. Best four minutes of my LIFE! We decided to play the "get lost" game, so we did. We ended up at a random neighborhood, and Dana and I yelled "GO EAST!" out the window at random people who were raking leaves. We also went to Telora Farms or something like that, and as we were pulling in, Dana yelled "Go East!" and I said, "Did you say 'Guppies?'" So we lost it, kept yelling it. The old people in the car parked next to us gave us some odd stares but whatever. We got a pumpkin bread and sat on the floor of Bridget's van and split it while yelling "Guppies!!" and looking at the old people looking at us. Good times. We got lost some more and looked at the beautiful landscape. (oOo aAa) Bridget went back to her house to get her "ears" and we went back to good ol' KFC.

The cashier asked us if we were from East, and he said he didn't care and he was "too cool" to go to the game. I told him he's probably right. I'm also glad I still had on my Survivor whore shirt with the random hole cut in the middle of it (I had a turtleneck on underneath...really...) We gorged, I FINALLY peed, and we went back to West stadium, only to find out that the game started at 7, not 7:30.

We walked around a lot in the beginning, and then just planted ourselves in a really busy section, so I split from everyone because I actually wanted to watch the game. It was awesome, but I think I was watching the marching band more than the game. I'm such a geek. Seriously, the conductor, band major, WHATEVER they're called have the coolest jobs EVER. I wanted to wave my hands and conduct a band, that would be kickass. I think I would even get my groove thang on simultaneosly.

Let me just say, once again, reflecting SUCKS. Dan knows. I do it way too often, and it's so much like a movie, I hate it. I analyse myself like I'm watching myself, and yeah. Not good to do when you want to watch a football game.

Screw thinking, ignorance is bliss. GUPPIES!!!!

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