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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

So PSAT's can bite me. I'm pretty sure that I got raped in the verbal section because, well, I have no vocabulary. Vocabulary in itself is a large word for me. I should read more. Anyway, math was pretty easy and reading was...yeah. It's bad when you're a grammar and spelling nazi and you want to correct everything in sentences but then again, there is that whole "no change" thing that threw me for a loop. Gah.

Afterwards, Uncle Chaz and I went to lunch at Peddler's Pub, and I saw Justin Nordell there, which was fantastic. Now I have 2 1/2 hours before I go over Nadia's because it's that time of year again. No, not Flag Day, Homecoming, but to be more specific, the dance.

I'm going to rock the house with my dancing skillz...who's with me! *Cricket noise*...so I can't dance, but whatever, I don't care. I DEFINITELY have to dance with Steph though, and pull out some Kids in America moves or something.

I'm going to dress up like Harriet the Spy for Halloween, so people will say, "Hey...you look like-oh. You ARE Harriet the Spy." That's right, I've come to terms with my uncanny genetic ability to look like people from movies, because there was that girl from Snow Day and Summer Catch that I also look like, AND Juliet from the old version of Romeo and Juliet, but that was only when I pulled my hair back like she did.

Tonight's going to kick it, along with the decorations which I helped with...ok, a very SMALL amount, but that was because Dana, Jimithy Cricket and I did stuff for the float. So yeah, you can shove it up your ass Anna. Mwahaha.

*Looks at hands* Whoa...I actually did my nails for the dance. I thought that was a dream. Low Maintenance Jacquie is loosening up a bit. No, not really. I went "commando" with makeup for a few days, including today.

Enough with the random babble, I'm out. Like a trout. That was caught. And eaten. Mmm fish.

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