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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I was online today, and was doing my regular Xanga check, and I decided to go to random sites, and wound up at the Xanga of this kid I knew back in elementary school. It's scary how I remember about 90% of the people who were in my elementary school classes. Anyway, I started reading it and I was just stunned. He made several drug references and made it sound like doing drugs was awesome and such. It got me thinking...the children NOW, for example my brothers, are going to be warped by adolescence just like the rest of us, and certain people just can't handle it, and get involved with drugs, etc.

How this kid who went around karate chopping people turned into a drug fiend...blows my mind. But then again, I don't know him personally, and who knows what problems he had growing up. You have to admit, it's amazing to look at yourself 10 years ago and compare it to yourself now. Granted, 10 years ago we were just starting elementary school, but try it. 10 years in relevance to the world's history it is NOTHING, but in your short life, it's a lot. People change a LOT, especially in the teen years. I posed this question once, and I'll ask it again...what do you think our high school reunion is going to be like? Some people we know now might even DIE before then. It's a morbid thought, but it's not out-of-the question. So all of this rambling basically can be summed up in this phrase I just pulled out of my bum..."Live life by the moment, open your eyes to the world and what you have, appreciate what your friends (I have the most AMAZING ones!) do for you and...drugs are bad, mmm kay?"

I have to go study for this major AP Bio test, I can't put it off anymore. Oh, and if you STILL think my mom doesn't hate me, just ask, and I'll give you the quote of the century. Toodles!

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