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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I think in hard times, we have to remember:
"And your eyes must do some raining if you are ever going to grow."

Let it out. Really. I think I cry enough for a lot of us, and apparently my brother does too, as I can hear him right now. Probably about homework. Let it out, Kyle, let it out.

The past few days have been more than trying. I don't even feel like talking about it, I'm a mess.

So yeah, I promised a post about Homecoming. I might as well do it now, or it's never going to happen.

Before the dance, I went over Nadia's house, and she, Brittany, and I got "glamorized" then. Unfortunetly, my mom stopped by, and lets just say we had some "pleasant" mother-daughter bonding moments. Can we say..."Rrrrreow!" We took pictures and the like when Alan and Scott came over, and it turns out I look funny in them. Hehe.

Because my mom didn't trust Alan or Scott, I went with her to the dance. No, not like that. Anyway, Homecoming was like any other dance: bad music, people all jazzed up, and that fucking "Cha Cha Slide" dance, which doesn't even fit under bad music. It's Satan's anthem. Dan and I technically went together, because Dan wasn't allowed to go originally, so Ali asked a friend to go with her, and then Dan was allowed to go after that, and so he asked me. One problem: Ali's date never showed up. So we both kinda shared Dan, and Tim and Frank joined in for some dances and they were quite interesting. I freaking love white guy dancing. And Frank = whipped by his date. I'm sorry Frank, but it was a little bit funny...HAHAHAHAHA!

There were some down points, like any other dance. I didn't get to see my gal friends all that much because they were in a big group, which I don't belong to. Oh well, there's probably not a goddamn thing I can do about it. ANYWAY, Dan and Ali were fighting lately, and on the verge of a breakup, which occured the next day. That didn't make me not have a bad time, I was just concerned and didn't want to be insensitive or anything. It was a little awkward at some points; I felt pretty bad about it.

So at the last slow dance, I sat down and just went into "reflection mode." No wonder why people who actually think are miserable, self-reflection can be pretty brutal. I looked at myself, looked around at people in general, and just thought. Let me just say that thinking is NOT my anti-drug.

After that dance, I left to go get my coat from a classroom, and Jeff yells, "Hey Jacquie!" and I turned around and he said, "You have gum on your butt!" I think I muttered/sighed "You got to be fucking kidding me." and I reached around and grabbed a big glob of pink gum. It was BEYOND disgusting. On top of that, leaving gum around is one of my pet peeves. Grrr. So I threw the gum away, and my fingers stunk of cinnamon for a little while.

I left the school, and saw Nadia who asked, "You're going to Applebees, right?" and I said, "Yeah!" and walked to my mom's car. I went to Applebees, waited there for a half an hour, watched some sophomores come in and people leave and said to myself, "Fuck it. Pity party for 1." The waiter seated me and asked if I was alone, and I answered, "Ff, yeah" in a really pissy tone. He probably thought I was stood up. I ended up getting a Blondie Brownie thing and a big Oreo milkshake and just sat there and stuffed my face with food, hoping I might become a size 2 instantaneosly. I must have had a most unpleasant countenance in the world. The waited told me his sister was a senior at East, and ended up paying for me! I told him he didn't have to and he said, "No really, it's on me." I still have that receipt to remind me of the random acts of kindness that still happen.

It was a little after 12 at that point, and I didn't have my cell phone on me, (or else I would have called earlier) and they took out the pay phone at Applebees. I asked, and they told me to walk across the parking lot and call from one of the pay phones over there. So I did, it was freezing, and NONE of the pay phones worked. I shivered and cried at the same time, and started walking to who knows where, when some lady pulled up in a car and said, "Do you need to call someone?" and I said, "...Yeah! I do! Thank you soooo much!" and her daughter, who happened to be one of the s'mores at Applebees gave me a cell phone, and I called my aunt. She picked me up 15 minutes later from Applebees, while I waited in warmth and sang along to the 80's songs they were playing. Once again, thank god for kind people.

So that was it. Homecoming *twirls finger* WOO. Hanging out with Dan, Tim, Frank, and others was really fun, but besides that, my pessimistic self had to point the other events that were unfortunate. But like my aunt said, "At least you'll remember it!" True THAT.

It turns out that Nadia and Scott went to Friendly's in "D-Town", and she denies that she ever asked me if I was going to Applebees. (LIE)

Oh well, at least I got a meal and a call for free from two really nice people.

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