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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I definitely left this whole thing off on a sappy, hormone driven note, but I'm back, and better than ever. Jacquie v. 2.0. It took some compliments, and some mental grounding, and I'm fine. I'm over Sausage, for real. In fact, I'm going with Dan to Homecoming, and that my friends, rocks the hizzy. Fo shizzy.

This extended weekend was awesome. On Friday, Cassie and I went over Marina's house for "random movie night." More people were supposed to show, but they didn't, so we had three pizzas, and I didn't even eat any because I ate...pizza and stromboli before I came. Marina's younger sister is HILARIOUS, she kept like dancing around and pulling her shirt over her head. We watched Harriet the Spy, you know, the movie that I starred in. Yeah. I might actually dress up like her again for Halloween, I'm long overdue, haha.

Sunday, Steph and I went to the Willow Grove Mall to look for Homecoming dressed. Instead we wound up with...food, a Dashboard Confessional CD (laugh all you want to) and yeah. That's pretty much it. You should have seen the teamwork that it took to share one ice cream while running through a mall, we were practically cracking up and falling all over the place! It was amazing. When we got back to her house, I tried on her dresses, and she tried on her sister's dresses. I'm wearing one of Steph's old dresses, it looks really good on me, I love it! Steph has yet to get a Homecoming dress, but she's wearing her sister's white dress from her Ring Dance for the Junior Prom. It's so cool, it's going to be awesome on Stephie!

After the dress trying-on extravaganza, we did some crap, listened to the new CD we got, and watched old tapes. OH MAN, I nearly soiled my trousers. Her old dance recital tapes were great, and the long forgotten assessment tape was hilarious. "What are you d- What are you doing here?" Go not editting tapes. The was also this one tape from this Mother's Day german club thing, and Steph was like 3 and was dancing with this little boy...ok, actually he was PULLING her because she wouldn't dance, it was awesomely awesome.

Yesterday, I watched A Night At The Roxbury, and I finally know what Frank and Dan have been quoting for the past eternity. What a "sweet ass sweet" movie.

Oh, and Kenan Thompson is on SNL now. Permission to PUKE? Thank you. It's disgusting. I want fricking Kattan back!

SO yeah, I'm outie.

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