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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Why am I still in French? Oh yeah, because I'm a moron.

I'm stuck with this lame French project to do, because Fichtman sure knows how to ruin a weekend. Sorry if I sound whiny, but I also have a yeast lab to do for AP bio, and after the kickass day yesterday, it feels like a death sentence.

Yesterday, I went to the Renaissance Faire with Frank, Dan, Tim and Hunter for Frank's birthday. It just so happened to be the Scottish weekend so there were a LOT of guys in kilts. We were the geek brigade, and I actually wore my costume from 7th grade, but it didn't beat Frank's and Tim's (he left his in the car, psh) K'nex swords and shields. You don't know how many complements Frank got, he was getting hit on my numerous little boys. Dan dressed up like Burt Reynolds. Not really, he just had no costume and a cowboy hat. Hunter dressed up too and Tim...went as a...uh...ninja...cat burglar...knight. Yeah.

It was so much fun, we saw this one act called the Tartan Terrors, and it was basically bagpipes + sexual connotations + some guy's hairy ass + a little man, which = INSANITY! It was excellent. After that, we stayed and watched this other crazy thing where people were running around, and some guy flew out of a window. We must have gone to a million sword and pewter places, and at one point I was supposed to wait for Dan, and Dan ended up going to the chess match and Tim, Hunter and Frank were god knows where, so I ran around looking for Dan for about 20 minutes, found him, then we found the others (but not before Dan bought some cranberry honey for his mom) at this other comedy thing called Don Juan and Miguel, who were these two mexican guys, one reminding me of Justin Nordell (Dan agreed). That was the longest sentence in history.

We saw a joust earlier in the day, and at 5 we saw the final one. We were rooting for this Italian guy, who was a) bald b) badass and c) had mucho mojo. Unfortunetly, it was staged and he had to lose because he wasn't on the Queen's side. Psh, lame.

After that, we went home, and on the way there and back I rode with Mr. Ramsden in the corvette, while the guys rode with Frank's mom in the other car. Man, we must have talked about EVERYTHING in the car, it was great...including some "personal" issues, which I wanted to know his opinion on. Frank's dad = super cool. He even taught me the DMT (donut management technique) which I'm sure I'll use in the future! We went back to Frank's, ate pizza, played some video games (except me, haha) and Frank opened his present...the complete 3rd season of Family Guy! Go me and Dan for that one. We watched a few episodes, and I left around 10:30.

And now I'm stuck here procrastinating because I have ADD. Well, at least I get to eat lobster tonight. Oh wait..."En Fran├žais!", that would be "le homard." I'll leave you with a classic Weezer song quote: "Won't you knock me on my head? Crack it open, let me out of here!"

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