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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Today, I missed most of the school day because I'm a dork. Well, ok, I'll clarify: I'm taking an online course in health careers, and we went to the campus of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia for a little tripperoo today. Only me and Lauren Eby were from East, two other girls were from West, then there were George Mehler (some guy from CBSD) and this other lady as chaperones.

We left around 9 and got there a little past 10. This third year bio major, whose name was Pete (he was kinda cute) was our tour guide of the dorms, buildings, and other stuff. After he showed us around, the head of the biology department showed us around some of the labs and classrooms, which was cool. It turns out that her father was a physicist and won a Nobel Prize for his work in...well, I can't describe it. But it was cool. This one professor experiments on horseshoe crabs, and why they haven't evolved much over millions of years. This other professor studies plant viruses in order to understand how we can apply it to human diseases. Everything was so cool, it was...cool.

We ate lunch in a small building across the street from the main building, and then we attended an OT (occupational therapist) class. It was fun, because they were learning about the different reflexes and positions in development of babies, and all 4 of us had to act out the reflexes to help them study. I DEFINITELY had the "doggie style" pose for one of mine, well, it's REALLY called "quadriped" but yeah. George took a picture of it, grrreat. They gave us candy for being tortured, so not bad. After that, we saw some lady who talked to us about careers and such. Then we went back, and I almost fell asleep with my head againt the SHORT BUS window, that's right, we rocked the short bus.

I got back at East around 4:30, and I was getting picked up at 5, so I decided to stay and watch the field hockey game against Truman. I found Steph's mom, and we talked the whole time about stuff. Steph got a goal, and I actually got to see it! YAAAY!

Last night, I couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING. It was so bad, I mean, on TOP of my normal ADD I had...well, "thoughts" on my mind. You know, sausage and such. So yeah, definitely wrote a...sorta song. Yeah, a sorta song because at this point it sucks, but what the hell. It features a cameo appearance by Napolean, (I was taking notes on him) but I'm warning you, it's pretty good for my standards, which means it's going to be EMBARRASSING to read. Well, here goes nothing....

Oh man, maybe I shouldn't.

Come on Jacquie, do it.


I'm dilusional.

Yeah, you are.

Ok, here's the embarrassing song....fo rizzeal:

I pick up the phone
I want to talk to you, but not come on too strong
I look around for you
I've been tip toeing, tripping, falling in love with you

You're one of my best friends
But feelings complicate, I don't want it to end
You're like a brother
Kindred spirits, soulmates, I can't trust another...

One, in a million
Pulled by the heartstrings
I can see myself in your eyes
I can love like a friend
or love like a lover
I can't decide
Between or the other

I can't always be selfless
Throwing my heart away forever just to live a lie
I'm just waiting for one kiss
Maybe my heart will unlock, I'll be free, I could just die for...


I should be doing homework
But Bonaparte and art are nothing compared to you
I dream all about us
Hopefully someday you'll dream about when we combine as...


...So yeah, you can laugh now. But as cheezy as that sounds (ok, maybe not soulmates YET, but it sounded good) I felt that. It came out of NOWHERE, but I find myself writing to myself, not necessarily in lyrical form, whenever I'm angry, or sad, etc. It helps relieve some of my built up emotions. Man, me and Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, you know if he was REAL, would have to have lunch sometime to discuss stuff like this. Liking someone you care about a LOT, but not finding the right time, place, or words to say it.

I'm not TOTALLY in love with Sausage at this point, but I can't deny feelings. I don't even care about Homecoming, I really don't, but yeah, I'd go with him unless he has someone else to go with, which is perfectly fine. I don't want to hold back from meeting other people. That wouldn't be nice of me. Who knows? Maybe he doesn't want anything other than a friendship. Whatever, we'll see in time.

Just don't tell Frankfurter, ok? I'm planning on doing that myself...that is, if he doesn't know already. I don't think he reads this either. If he did, hey, I like you. It's kind of obvious. I want to have your babies. Heh, not really. Maybe. I mean, aw screw it.

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