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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Last night was SO much fun. Jen, crackho Jen, had her sweet sixteen partay, and much hilarity ensued. She showed us the Barbie rendition of Romeo and Juliet and her, Jess, and Laura did for 9th grade English and it was "hilaaaarious" (Jen voice) It was so great, I nearly soiled my trousers. Ashley and I were of course CrAaAaZy like usual, and we even played weird charades and "party quirks" (a la Whose Line?) which was...messed up. I got Jen some many weird things, which I wrapped together depending on "meaning":

Pop Rocks and BloPens = Jen chokes on EVERYTHING ;)
2 lip glosses = her obsession
Happy Brithday socks = self-explanatory
"I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant!" socks and a Baby Bottle Pop = she's a whore, and she needs to feed her crackbaby

So yeah, I'm weird. What's new?

Good thing I'm partially sick, so my nose is a tad weedle clogged, because I smell NASCAR and smoked oysters...and they smell like shit.

I'll do my homework sometime. Until then, keep on whorin'!

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