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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I look like my mother and David Bowie had a child.

I shall explain.

When I got home, I wanted to look for my concealer because I have a new mole or something, no, not woo, and then I got this crazy idea. I was going to play around with a LOT of makeup on my face. Just because.

So, at the moment, I still have it on, and I'll run down what I look like, I describe it as "Neo-Egyptian", and it does NOT look anything like the 12-year-old person I usually resemble:

Eyes: Eyeliner, but it's running out so it's more of an indigo color, I also used it as eyeshadow and extended it so I have a semi-Egyptian look. Also, some mascara and curlified lashes. I have the concealer, which is white, on my upper brows, to achieve the Mrs. Baker/drag queen look. I put a li'l bit o' yellow eyeshadow underneath. Like it mattered.

Eyebrows: Brown lipstick as pencil. I'm so ferked up.

Lips: White concealer ON lips, lined by the same brown lipstick from my eyebrows.

Face: I put on my old semi-foundation, then put some powder on, so now my face actually has some color (You: *freak out*)

So yes, I'm VERY weird, and my brothers got weirded out...but then asked that I do something to them. Scott wanted a line of the white concealer from his forehead to his chin, and Kyle wanted the same, with swirls on his cheeks. They looked like they belonged to the transvestite tribe. Gender blending = amused Jacquie.

Dad's reaction: Walked by and looked at me...then went in the bathroom and yelled "What the hell happened to you?!" I love my dad.

My brothers said I look like mom a little now, because my mom puts on WAY too much makeup sometimes, not to mention perfume that could wipe out a nation. Gag.

Speaking of mom, I called her about 4 times, and I need to talk to her or else I CAN'T SLEEP OVER FRANK'S ON SATURDAY NIGHT! God, just call me back, I know you don't like me but at least give me a courtesy call.

Ren Faire is going to rizzock. Jacquie + Mr. Ramsden + corvette = who knows! It will be interesting, for sure.

Alright, I'm going to leave because NO ONE has bought a cake OR a parade for me. Please do, give me a wedding one, with the side of Bear in the Big Blue House balloon. I mean the ones at parades. Got it? Thank you. I'm delusional, officially.

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