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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Yesterday I went over Frank's house, and from there we went school supply shopping...ok, HE went, but I went for emotional support. Especially when he had to explain to his mom that instead of having loose leaf paper in a binder, he was going to have notebooks for every class and put them in his binder. Maaan. We went to Target and as soon as we went in, I saw Jess and we spazzed out. I found out she's in my French AND AP Bio classes, I'm so happy! Her mom and brother were there too, and I talked to Mrs. Bowman for a bit...but I mostly spazzed with Jess. After we didn't find anything we went to Staples, and Frank got his shiz and we both split a pack of super neato (should that be hyphened?) silver Sharpies to write on our binders with! WOOO! Then we went back to his house and watched the episodes of Clone High he downloaded (with his cable modem, I'm so jealous.) and they were hilarious. Especially the ADD one..."Am I DYING?" Haha, go ADD. I like puppies.

I went to a Student Council meeting today, and MJ was there because Elena brought him...even though he's not in Student Council. He's actually going to apply for it now though! All Student Council people have to be in school on the 2nd instead of the 3rd because it's the Sophomore's first day and we have to tell them where to go if they get lost and do stuff for their pep rally and such. That was a mighty long sentence. Nick didn't have a ride, and he was trying to get a ride from everyone, it was so funny. I got my stupid "obligation" issue taken care of, and yeah. I have a stomahc ache, y'all. I'm sick of typing.

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