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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Wow, haven't blogged in a while, but YOU didn't miss me! That's right, I'm talking to you, shank-HO! I'm sorry, the Microsoft worm has invaded ME. *Snort* Jacquie made a funny, because Windows ME, but me like myself and ah. I need a life.

Not too much has happened. Last week was a lot o' nothing. Friday was the pickanick at Meg's and it was tres enjoyable. Put an emphasis on the "able" and it sounds French. I got about 25 mosquito bites in result, but singing Spice Girl and Weezer songs, making smores, and having sex on a tramp...oline made it fun to get the life sucked out of me by West Nile carrying pests. I said bye to Jeff, who's now in Aruba (stupid cooter) but he got me a teddy bear in Maryland that has a t-shirt saying "Someone at Maryland loves me" so I'm not mad at him at all! It was SO cute, thanks Jeffykins!

Saturday noight I babysat my brothers and Tim's kids at Tim's house. Why? Because my mother fails to specify when she says "We have something to do" meaning "I have to go to a 40th birthday party, so I'm going to dump 4 boys on you while I get boozed up." I at least got to watch Sex and the City, and she came in while I was watching the Best of Molly Shannon on SNL. Fun. Then I slept in a bed next to Jake's, Tim's 4-year-old son, bed, and he breathed heavily, snored, and moaned in his sleep. I boycotted sleep that night.

Sunday, I went with Frank and his parents and sister to Lake Nockamixon to help them do shiz with the boat. Frank got highlights, and they look fabulous. Fabulous is a cool word. I had fun helping them, because they're so cool, especially Frank...'s dad. Haha, I was teasing Frank that his dad was cooler than him, but he should know I'm ONLY KIDDING. We ate chinese food when we got back, and I went home and watched most of the Denis Leary Roast. Funny stuff. I can't wait until Frank comes to East. We're going to rule the hizzy.

Yesterday was shit. I read a lot. I was very tired.

Today was eh. Archaeology camp again, it sucked like usual. I came home, and we went shopping for...bras. For me. I'm now a size A, not A- anymore, hehe. We went to Target, the famous boutique, and didn't find crap. I have a dilemma, ladies and gents. I'm a size 32A. The smallest they have in the WOMEN'S section was a 34A. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A 32B! Plus, everything was WAY padded, and that would look ridicufrickinlous if I waltzed into school with, say, boobs. I found 32As in the kids section. Go figure. I actually almost cried, which was stupid, but I'm tired of being trapped in a 12-year-old body. No bras, but I stumbled upon Raspberry Milanos and some Uh-Oh Oreos. By the way, I think Teletubbies named those. Think about it.

We went to Big K (they named it that to make KMart sound more badass) and the same thing happened. At least I bought some cheap panties and my 1st thong, WOO. Actually, not woo. They suck. I found some more 32As in the girls section, and I was about to tear the place up if I didn't get my ass out of there soon. Heads would ROLL. We had to go to the electonics and such section to look for some Lionel Ritchie cassette Bachelism wants (she's working her way into the 80's now) and after not finding anything, we walked back and I saw Kyle Angebrandt and turned around and waved. I must have look stupid because I waved while holding 4 pairs of women's panties in the other hand. Ah well, he can think about it all he wants...really, he can...ah shit. No one wants a suburban booty with a side of A- titty fritters. Titty fritters...I'll have to keep that one in mind.

I'm listening to Beatles 1, searching for my breasteses, and by the way, question, what happens when you give a mammogram (sp?) to someone with implants? Think about it, give me an answer if you can.

If I can't grow vertically, maybe the cookies I got today can make me expand horizontally. I can only hope. I'm out like me in the Hooters International Swimsuit Competition.

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