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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Last night I saw Seabiscuit again with Jeff, and when I got out of the car, I saw none other than Anton! It was crazy shiz, and when Jeff went in to buy tickets, Anton and I talked...and once again asked me why I wasn't going out with Sean because, and I quote, "You two were meant for each other!" Riiiiiiight. Just as much as chopsticks were meant for cleaning toilets. Don't ask. After the movie, we ran into Aubrey, actually she sneaked up on us, and we chatted it up. I was so happy to see "12" again (guess how he got that nickname in MD...) after 3 weeks. Yayfulness.

Today I went to Diane's for the sole purpose of downloading songs and burning them so I could get rid of some of the songs on my dad's computer because a) he's not getting a CD burner for me right now and b) he's been bitching too much about the computer being slow (when really it was a piece o' shite computer to begin with and we have a 56K modem. Der.) Guess how many songs I actually downloaded...are you guessing? Good. 10. What the hell. Anyway, I burned them (8 of them are on my dad's computer) and I named it "Songs For A Frolicker (i.e. Me)" because I can and I did. Here's the song list along with my useless commentary:

1) Ben Folds Five ~ "Army" (Best song ever.)
2) Blur ~ "Song 2" (or what I said to Steph, "Or for people who don't know the title of the song 'WOO HOO'")
3) Queen ~ "Bohemian Rhapsody" ('Nuff said.)
4) R.E.M. ~ "It's The End Of The World" (I'm not going to say what day I so insentively sang that song on...)
5) Sleater-Kinney ~ "I'm Not Waiting" (OBNOXIOUS...but fun to scring (scream/sing))
6) The Flaming Lips ~ "Vaseline" (funny song)
7) The Postal Service ~ "Such Great Heights" (HIGHLY recommend it, it's like Prozac in music form.)
8) Violent Femmes ~ "Blister In The Sun" (You HAVE to act like a moron when you sing this song!)
9) Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ "Bang" (The title says it all. Horny slutty fun.)
10) Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ "Date With The Night" (More fun, but the version I downloaded got screwed up. Arg.)

I also got a haircut from Diane's sister, Sandy, and it's just a trim, but next time we're thinking something a little more...drastic. Maybe even not fro-ish. GASP! SPUTTER! I know, you'll just have to wait and see. I'm off to um...yeah.

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