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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I haven't posted in a while, and I'm really tired right now, so I'll do my best.

On Friday I went to the mall with Frank and his mom, and Frank got really expensive sneakers. I'm not saying how much, because I want to protect the lucky. We went to GameStop, and when we walked out, Frank said that he was the coolest guy in there because he had a girl with him. Sad, but true. A good time was had by all.

As soon as I got home, I went to Bridesburg, and if you haven't read any posts about Bridesburg before from me, it's basically "Little Poland" in Philly, and it's where my beloved great-grandmother lives. Heh. Aunt Viv and I had to do some stuff for her before we went to some guy Bill's 60th Surprise Birthday Party, and unfortunetly, he washer leaked through the ceiling and I had to mop crap up downstairs. That's right, feces. Anyway, kidding, her house was like 150 degrees because her a/c was broken and there aren't any fans. While I sat downstairs, Jeff called, and I talked to him because he just had gotten back from Aruba (lucky bastard) and I tried picking up trash and talking to him while getting yelled at, but it didn't work too well. After that I vaccumed and we got ready to go.

We had to roll the Queen Mother (emphasis on MOTHER) down to this catering hall called Fran Lee, and I started getting introduced to all of these relatives of mine who I had met a looooong time ago. Once again, I felt REALLY weird being there, but since Uncle Charles couldn't go because, I don't know, he got LYME DISEASE, I volunteered. So Bill was surprised, the food was good (especially when wiped off your great-grandmother's mouth...ewww...) and the music, as expected....sucked. Good music can never be played at a family function, it's just not done that way. Chicken dance, hokey pokey, "We are family," you name it. I realized that had it not been for the 70's, we wouldn't have those stereotypical wedding/party songs that we've all come to hate. Anyway, I didn't dance much, in fear that I'd slip on my own vomit. My great-great uncle Joe made me slow dance with him, and it's sad when a guy in his 60's can dance better than you when you're a teenager. He asked how we did it today, and I showed him and he said, "Is this what the guys do?" and slipped his hands down really fast then up again, it was so funny...yet entirely accurate...He also said how "damn pretty" I was, so at least my self-confidance was ok. My aunt danced with my great-great aunt Renee when they played a Polka, and they rocked the hizzy. It was pretty fun, and I guess it exceeded my expectations. I met a lot of people who I'm just going to call cousins because I don't want to get into that. We wheeled Bach (short for Bachelism, I know the spelling's wrong) home and I got to see my gotheed great-grandmom in her bra. That image will forever burn in my head. I did NOT need to see what the effect of gravity is on an 86-year-old woman. *Shudder*

Saturday, there was a partay at the humble Wendell abode, and everyone had a good time. The pool was freezing, and I got out when the guys started playing rugby in the pool. I have to admit one thing, that bathing suit I wore exposed a LOT. I got mad props, fo shizzal. After hanging out in the pool and such, I went to change, and when I came back, everyone was gone. They all went to the "secret surprise" thing, which was a bonfire where we made s'mores and hot dogs (or burned sticks...) and Dana and Bridget put candles, chairs, radio, string lights (with DMB on it, gag haha) and stuff around so it was a cool atmosphere. Jeff and I sat together and had our own party. It got really cold, and I was freezing with my flip flops on. It was great seeing everyone again, and I had a lot of fun, I just wish Steph would have made it. Maybe we could have played some "Truth or Dare"....

Yesterday I went to Target and got some new sheets for my new bed. No, I didn't get your sheets Nadia, but I saw them there! I got some purple striped sheets, a comforter to match, a purple bean bag cube, a purple trash can that says "WASTED" on it and a pink storage thing for my CD's. This all amounted to a grand total of $50. I might get a little table, but I have to see about how much space my little room will allow for it.

Today I cleaned and read. Woo. I finished "A Picture Of Dorian Gray" and it was really good. The last two nights I had to help make dinner, because Uncle Charles isn't feeling well, and cooking's not as hard as I thought it was. Last night was chicken, tonight was ribs, tomorrow...BRACES OFF! Well, it's not food, but I'm excited! Actually, TODAY I'm getting them off, and so is Jeff. We found out when I was on the phone with Jeff at Bach's house. FreEeEaky shizzle. I have big front teeth, so I might look weird. Oh well, I'll write back atcha later!

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