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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Yesterday = No archaeology camp. I'm sure you can imagine just how depressed I was. Scott wanted to go, so I said sure, whatever floats your archaeologic boat. Last night, nothing happened. There was something in my foot, and I scraped at my foot with my nail until it was out. Oh yeah, and I kind of ripped some skin off with that too. Whoops.

Today was more eventful. I woke up at like 8:30 thanks to my stupid brothers, but I really didn't do anything (including getting dressed) until 3. I watched Motocrossed, which was good. Oh, last night I watched Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off which was also good. Steph and I went mini golfing today at At The Station, or something like that. We were surprised to see Kevin Cochran and Eric Lashner (we were trying to figure out his name for a long time) working there. After we paid, we went outside to get our clubs, and we could hear them singing "Fighter" in really high-pitched voices. Funny, indeed. What was scary was while we were mini golfing, we kept getting pretty much the same scores on every hole. There were some exceptions, but they evened themselves out. I started to do bad at one point, and then I improved, and it was the opposite for Steph. The par for the first 9 holes was 31 (I got 31, Steph got 32) and for the last 9 it was 29 (we both got 29) It was REALLY freaky.

After that, we went to Annie's Water Ice, and I got a red raspberry/vanilla gelati, and Steph got a chocolate/chocolate gelati (as suggested by some random guy) We waited for a table in the shade because it was SO hot outside. And you wonder why I never go outside! Some guy gave me a yellow golf ball, because he found it and I didn't mind receiving one. While we were waiting for Diane to pick us up, we sat in the shade by the road under a tree. We were picking pine needles off the tree and Steph said, "Close your eyes" like to hand my some, and for some reason I said "Turn around" then I started singing "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" (You know, the "turn around" part) So we both start singing "Turn around, every now and then I get a little bit...something" and we both said something. A few other things happen, and we basically know the main parts to songs, and we sing the same noise/word to substitute for what we don't know. "Coincidence...I think not!"

Then, we were wondering who sang "Total Eclipse Of The Heart." We didn't have any idea, and it was really bothering us, so I asked Diane. Then it bothered HER and we asked my dad. He started saying random names, and he CLAIMS he said the right one, and we didn't hear him. Right. So Steph IMed me and said "Bonnie Tyler?" and I confirmed it with the elders. The male part of the song is sung by Meatloaf, and Diane said, "Let me ask your father since he thinks he's so smart." We sat him down, played the song, and he guessed "Chris Cross?" and "That Steven guy from the Bee Gees" and I stepped in and corrected him, there IS no Steven in the Bee Gees. That would be Barry, Robin, and Maurice. Go me and my VHI influenced brain. Don't ask. So we tried giving him hints and I said "He's a little bit BEEFY..." and he got it when I starting singing "Let Me Sleep On It." Heh, duddy's not so smart now is he?

Conclusion: When you want to stump someone, are getting mugged, you're a lawyer on trial, whatever...the question "Who sang 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'?" will probably stump 99.9% of people. The .1% being Bonnie Tyler herself.

One final note: I didn't know log rolling was a sport, until today. I'm not kidding. Check out the Outdoor Games on ESPN. And I thought that sports couldn't get any more bizarre than when I make attempts at them. This would be America's favorite pasttime if rednecks ruled the country.

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