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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Wow. Steph and I are AMAZING:

sloopiesg: isn't it crazy how monkey and donkey are the same except the letter in the beginning, and they don't rhyme?
Zakolita: whoa. you're totally right!
sloopiesg: i know
sloopiesg: i'm always right
Zakolita: unless you're from jamacia
Zakolita: and say mon like "ya mon"
Zakolita: then they'd rhyme
Zakolita: I'm insane
Zakolita: wow. did I really say that?
Zakolita: :-) ya mon!
sloopiesg: that was hilarious
sloopiesg: mon

Hell yeah! I went over Steph's house tonight, and we had a jolly good time. By jolly, I mean INSANE. We watched some TV, Whose Line was great, but it all started going insane when I said:

"OMG, like do you want to play Truth or Dare?"

From there, it spiraled into a 35 "Truth or Dare" session, but it was all done as if we were two airheads with the mental capacity of a 5 year old, and obsessions with cosmetology and boys. IT WAS AWESOME! Every now and then we'd start laughing because we knew it was stupid and crazy, but it was fun. Next time, we're hoping to do it at a random moment, or even add in one or two other people. Time flies when you have no brain.

We also looked at Steph's old "dieriy" and dear god, that was the funniest thing I've EVER SEEN! She'll be posting bits of it on her Xanga, so check that out by going to the link on the right. It's so random, and I love randomness.

FINALLY, my mom got the Radiohead tickets for the August 18th show at the Tweeter Center. I have an extra ticket, and since the cooter will be out of town, anyone who wants to go should tell me. My mom got 6 tickets, one for her, me, Tim, Jim (the guy who gave us the Phillies tickets), his son, and an extra one. I only expected her to get like 3, but that's my mom for you. Jim's son is 15, and I don't even know if he likes RH or not. Oh well, I guess I'll find out.

Camp's over until Monday. Joy.

I'm going to go watch the New Tom Green Show/ Subterranean. But I'll end with a question...Wouldn't you like to be a pepple too?

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