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Friday, July 04, 2003

Tonight was perfect. Well, as perfect as it can be when you're with your two little brothers and mom. I'm not even putting adjectives in because I'm in a good mood.

Today was ok. Woke up, went to Ringing Rocks with the gang (you know, the place where you hit rocks with a hammer and they make neato noises?) Then we went to pick up Scott, and his artwork, from this art camp he did for the past 2 weeks. Scott's talented, despite his motivation problem, he just needs to be pushed a little. Or poked. Or kicked in the shins. You get my point.

Tonight, after that stuff, we went down to go to the Phillies game. Because we got there around 4:30-5, we decided to take a stroll through Penn's Landing and look at some ships. Then, we headed off to Veterans Stadium, and check this out, for once in my life, I HAD connections. My mom knows this guy, Jim, who's doing something with the new stadium, so we got 100-level seats and V.I.P. parking! 100-level seats, if you didn't know, are the seats RIGHT by the field, in the little box-like things. So life was good. The Phillies were playing the Chicago Cubs, and in the beginning, the Cubs were winning 2-0. Then, the Phils started to pick things up, and ended winning 12-2! It was so cool, when we got to see everything up close, even ol' Sosa (boo.) My mom and brothers were on Fan-O-Vision, and yes, they were also on tv! I was somehow MIA when this happened. My brothers got to get a picture with Phil and Phillis, these colonial mascot thingies, and we also saw the Philly Phanatic. My brother managed to spill his soda like 10 minutes into the game, and when I was eating my ice cream out of this little plastic Phillies cap and was drinking the liquid ice cream out of it, my mom started laughing, and as a result I started laughing and didn't stop until all of the ice cream in my mouth was leaked out of my mouth. Mmmm yummy. My mom got this thing from Kohl's and it was a headband with two springs coming out of them and little plastic red and white windmill things on top, and some lady took my mom's picture when she was dancing with them on her head. It was great, I even told her how to do the "Sprinkler." People kept asking her where she got them, and one lady said, "I told my daughter I wanted them, and she said she'd disown me if I put them on!" Hahaha! The people next to us gave my brothers these glowbands to wear, which was really nice.

After the awesomely awesome game, there were the fireworks. I can say that the fireworks were hands down the best I've ever seen. Ever. I can't even describe how spectacular they were, I actually almost started crying they were so beautiful. I just wish that everyone could have seen them, everyone was just stupefied. My mom captured some of it on tape, then she ran out of tape, but the tape probably doesn't do it justice, because the feeling of witnessing something like that, it just blows you away. While the fireworks were going, they were playing patriotic songs, and I know this sounds corny, but I did realize what a great country I live in, and I think I take it for granted very often. I also wished that everyone around the world could just stop what they're doing and see fireworks like that. This probably sounds so lame, but something so great like that just sticks in your mind, I still can't get over it. I looked over when this was going on, and I saw a sign for the Jefferson Memorial Hospital and it said, "Call 1-800-JEFF-NOW" and I thought, "Man, I WISH Jeff was here right now to share this moment with me!" Unfortunetly, I couldn't "wish" him there, but nonetheless, it was amazing. I'll stop talking about it now, because by trying to describe it I'm just rambling on and on and on...

I'm going to go to bed now. Happy 4th, since it IS the 4th of July as of about 15 minutes ago!

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