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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Things with me are pretty peachy, I guess. On Friday, I was supposed to go to an Orioles game with Steph, but things didn't work out, because my brother was having this party thing and I had to attend that. It wasn't even really a party, but it was basically my family, Tim and his chillun, and the Zaberers stopped over. Basically, me, old people, and a LOT of little boys running around, frothing at the mouth and such. I would have rather been elsewhere, trust me. That night, I managed to go over Frank's house, well FIRST we went fireworks hunting, then went to his house. I called my dad, as a joke mind you, to see if I could sleep over Frank's house, and I was ACTUALLY allowed! Frank's parents are cool, so they didn't mind at all. We watched Comedy Central, and at 1 we watched South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, which was SO DAMN FUNNY! They didn't censor anything even though it was on TV, it was great. Frank's dad watched some of us with it, and he said he felt like his innocense was gone and he was getting desensitized, haha. We went to bed around 3:30, don't let your minds wander, NOTHING happened.

Yesterday, I continued to chill at Frank's house, and Dan called while we were playing a James Bond game. We decided to go to Uno's for lunch at 2, and we had much fun there, well, after we found Dan, who was at Game Stop (go figure!) Dan got this bigass burger, Frank got a sizzalizzad and I got "rattlesnake pasta." Guess who felt like an ass when they ordered...After we sexed it up at Uno's we went over to Game Stop, and yeah, I'm really not much of a gamer. I was the last one there, and I waited a little while to get picked up, but my dad had to go to Redner's to go food shopping in the first place, so I just walked down to Coconuts with Cheryl. Note to self: Next time get Rooney and Interpol CDs. After that, we went home, hung out, then went to Metzer's house for dinner. I didn't really do much, just sat there and watched TV, and attempted to eat. Then we went home, and I watched Sleepless In Seattle.

Today is a nothing day. I called Jeff to see if we were doing anything because yesterday we couldn't and yeah. Best conversation ever. He said it wouldn't work because he's eating late or something, hahaha. We're a perfect couple, really. So, I'm sitting here, watched the Nutty Professor and stuff. Maybe I'll start reading Dracula later, probably not. Tomorrow I have to start doing an Archaelogy camp with my aunt, fun stuff. If some kid doesn't end up getting my hospitalized, I'll blog tomorrow.

Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY SCOTT!...even though you're sitting on the couch right next to me. Anyway, I hope he has a good birthday, stupid little monkey...

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