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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Steph and I went to Doylestown (no, not D-TOWN, god forbid I don't use that lame abbreviation) on Monday and we walked around...and got lost in the process! We started off at Chico's and walked basically in a circle and somehow ended up...back at Chico's! I saw Helene Curley then and kind of did the "Hey I know you...SMILE!" thing. Then we went to The Paper Unicorn and Siren Records, where we both got a Billboard Hits of 1976 CD for 5 bucks and I got Sloan's CD "Navy Blues" featuring "Money City Maniacs," and the oh-so-lovable song "Chester The Molester." Then we went to Nat's Pizza, got some awesome pizza, and in the process saw Josh Demco working there and Tom Scalese at the counter (who I said a quick "Hi!" to and just walked away. No one likes me!) Then we got lost some more, I think maybe we ended up at Chico's AGAIN, then went to Annie's water ice and Steph got a chocolate milkshake and we saw 2 people from Steph's basketball team (I FORGET NOW! NO!) and I saw Keith Triosi and kind of just...looked at him. Yeeeeeah.

We went back to Steph's then to Bridget's house where we swimmed in the pool, which was a "tad weedle" chilly. Cory and his friend were also there, and pretty much just watched Steph, Bridget and I play "games" like "Act Like An Animal Underwater And We'll Guess It" or the ever-popular "Scream The Name Of A Color Underwater And Try Not To Drown And Maybe We'll Try To Guess What 'Blurbghajed!!!' Means." We also did the thing where you grab onto someone's ankles while they dive so you move when they do and, being the moron that I am, I let go. Who's the DS now? We watched Captain Ron later on, and it was some funny shizzle fo rizzle.

Yesterday, I saw Seabiscuit with Nadia and Alex and it was so good! We didn't think it would be 2 1/2 hours long though! A bunch of Nadia's horse riding buddies were there too, and if you saw it last night, it was only $5 and all proceeds went to Special Equestrians. The one horse girl sitting next to me said, "I CAN'T LOOK!" when one of the races in the movie began, which was really funny. Her cell phone also rang and she picked it up and whispered, "Hellooo?" Nadia had to pee towards the end, and finally gave in to her bodily functions, even though she was going to miss some of the movie. Afterwards, we went to the Coffee Beanery, and Nadia stole everything I owned, spilled my Tic Tacs, poured salt into my bottle of water, and I finally chucked something at her head. BUT, she DID give me a new Pokeball and some good smelling soap, so THANKS NADIA!

Today, dinosaur program. Eh.

Jeff's coming back in two days! I'm so excited!

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