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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Shark55x: Today i went to the doctors and he said im goin thru puberty
Shark55x: scary huh?

Whoa man. Too much information.

It's weird. I'm not used to talking to my brothers online because usually they're like...right here. My mom stole my brothers and she's currently hoarding them at Tim's for the week. I'm not protesting. So that's a little snippet of my conversation with Kyle. I highly doubt that he's going through puberty, but hey, let the hypochondriac think what he wants. If he is, splendid, maybe he'll get more zits than me. It would be hilarious, I mean unfortunate, if he remained small but had a really deep voice. Poor kid. Well, not now, if that happened to him.

Scott is an ass, but even more so online. Both of my brothers use smilies too much. They don't even have monkeys, so I have an excuse to use them. Scott was trying to insult me and he said, "Go suck on your man's DICK." Um, wow. I was very hurt by that statement. Too bad he's away for 3 weeks, and his roommate might be doing just that. KIDDING, well...maybe not...

I'm getting my braces off on August 26th at 9:15. Go me and my screwy teeth. Right now they're hurting like hell, because I had an appointment today. Archaeology then orhtodontist, fun stuff.

I finished reading Truth or Dairy, that Steph lent me to read. It was some good stuff, some of it reminded me of...me. Scary huh? Yeah, scary like...puberty.

As a last note, I want all of you to go to
Linda's site, 1) because she's lovely and 2) because she posted this one story, and it's actually kind of local (if you're from PA) and it's HILARIOUS. It actually sparked an interesting conversation between Nadia and I about...well...size. JUST GO THERE!

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