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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I think ABC Family is my new favorite channel. Yeah, laugh all you want. Tonight I watched an "ABC Family Original Movie" called Lucky 7, which was good, for a made-for-TV romantic comedy. I also like the Brendan Leonard show, and Nadia and I discussed how we're like their female counterparts, because we do stupid things like them. I watch Switched sometimes, and I love it when they play Whose Line reruns. Speaking of Whose Line, Comedy Central had a 5 hour Whose Line-A-Thon today, and I caught a lot of it. Funnies on the spot, gotta love it. I talked to Frank today, and he told me about Scout camp, and how it was sucky/fun. I talked to Chris online tonight, and we ended up trying to revise the "Women's Ensemble" list for this coming year, on account off many "ensemble" members left. Dan helped me out on this a bit, and when I suggested Nick Ballasy, Chris said "attractive women..." Haha!

Well, I have to go soon because tomorrow is (groan) archaeology camp, and I have to wake up at 6:45 because I'm getting picked up at 7:30, and it's from 9-12. But this time kids, it's a REAL DIG! (You: "Goody goody fricking gumdrops!") Guess what...we're doing this all week, and it's supposed to RAIN the whole week. I hate you, weather. I really fucking do.

Last night, I was watching a movie (guess which channel...) and I think it was Joe Versus The Volcano. Anyway, Meg Ryan said to Tom Hanks, "I told you I was a flibbertigibbet"...That is Steph's and my favorite word, and I've never heard it used by anyone other than us! Say it...it's very soothing. Well, g'night, and if I don't talk to you tomorrah, g'day!

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