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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, July 28, 2003

I know I haven't posted for a week, but I have my reasons. This week was the worst/best week EVER, more best than worst. Worst, because I had archaeology camp and the kids were annoying the hell out of me. I even got dirt rubbed on me, the hose squirted at me, and clung onto like you wouldn't believe. I heard "What TIME is it?" about 50 million times, so I finally decided to put my watch in my pocket so they wouldn't ask. Guess what, THEY STILL ASKED. One kid had an Australian accent, which amused me. On the first day of camp, he was the last one to come with some other kid, and the only name tags left I had said "James" and "Mason." James took his, and when I handed the one that said "Mason" to the other kid, he said (Australian accent, mind you) "My name's not Mason." and I said, looking at James "What about you?" and the Mason kid said "His name's not Mason either!" It sounded so funny when it was all Australian though, I swear. The kid's name turned out to be NATHAN. This girl named Dana was especially annoying, and her brother Dylan wandered around and did nothing and I wanted to strangle him. Heh. All in all, camp SUCKED. Unfortunetly, there's going to be another in 2 weeks or so. Oh bloody joy.

The reason why this week was also the best week was because of the play I was in. Sean mentioned that he was in a play at Phillips' Mill, Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and that he needed extras, so I said I'd do it. I actually ended up being in 3 scenes and did a lot of stage crew work. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The whole cast was awesome, acting and as people. Kristen Meseck was fun to hang out with, along with Arlene, my so-called "twin" because we're both skinny, pale, scared of heights...except she's 14 and I look 14. I got to know Justin Nordell better, and he's the funniest mofo that ever lived. Also, I met this kid named Eric "Step on my stomach, no really, step on my stomach!" Wagner (or Jesus) and he was the man! I thought he was in like 10th or 11th grade...turns out he's going into 8th! I couldn't believe it! He's so funny, and we joked about how Sean Paul sings the same note over and over and there are probably subliminal messages in his songs. Backstage...was very "interesting." Especially with the stage manager, Sara, who just graduated from East and is awesomely awesome. Some instances of insanity were: strip slient game, water bottle in a noose, Justin sticking a water bottle between Anton's legs when he was lying down directly near the curtain then hitting it with a ball that was attached to a chain he was wearing, Sara's list of different names for "penis," looking at this guy that Eric knew who was watching the play with his mouth open and laughing when no one else did, "I do what I want!," and much much more.

Last night and Friday night were the performances at 8 PM. Everything went great, as well as the ad-libbing. Friday night, Eric said as he, Sean and Fabian (I forget his real name) were walking to the stage being drunk, "And I said to him, 'JESUS CHRIST (rolled "r") SUPERSTAR!'" and it was AMAZINGLY funny, and he did it in rehearsals, but we didn't think he'd actually do it on stage! Justin was trying to pay Brittany one time because she was Feste the Jester, and he couldn't get the coin out he said, "I hate these new Elizabethan purses!" or something like that, and it was great. Last night, the ad-libbing was kicked up a notch, being our second performance, and everyone was trying to add something extra in. Eric did the Jesus Christ Superstar thing, but this time, the three of them actually SANG it, which was HILARIOUS! In act 5, where all chaos breaks loose, when Erica revealed to everyone that she was a woman (instead of a man, which she was throughout the play) Justin said, "She's a REDHEAD?!" then Brittany and Fabian added in to the joke and it was awesome! Anton usually storms off the stage and screams at one point, but last night he picked Fabian up and took him offstage with him and Fabian screamed from backstage, which was also very funny.

Today, at 1, most of us came back to Phillips' Mill, and put away chairs, props, even the boat. Yes, I know I was 20 minutes late. Whoops. After an hour or so, we went to Brittany Bird's house for the cast party, and her house is so cool! It has a Spanish-looking courtyard that connects different parts of the house, with a pool in the middle. We had chicken fights in the pool, which I naturally lost, and we even had Super Soakers, which Sean (being the first time user that he was) called it a Soup Soaker by accident. Sean, Sean, Sean. Eric didn't have a bathing suit, so he used Justin's boxers. We attempted and failed at playing Sharks and Minnows, and since Justin wanted to be a Shark, we played "Jaws" (basically pointless water freeze tag) We listened to music, including Stephen Lynch (HELL YEAH) and Sean enlightened me with normal historical facts (heh) and Anton kept yelling at me to go out with Sean, which we BOTH disagreed to doing, and I laughed when Anton said "But you two are so much alike!" HAHAHA! Arlene freaked out when people were trying to get her hair wet, and I now know I'm not the biggest spaz ever. Erica and Joe, the Joisey kids, left a little early, as well as Fabian (still don't know his name) and Dan. We went inside and watched "The Happiness of the Katakuris" and it was the worst movie I've seen in the best way possible! It was right up my alley, cheap, absurd, it didn't even make sense! Bad claymation, random song and dance numbers and even a Grampa that called everyone an asshoie and threw logs at them. Genius. Dear God, some day, I'm showing that one to someone. We also watched some of the 7-minute episodes of "Colorful" which are Japanese shorts that basically are anime versions of guys looking at girls undies and getting all tingly and insane. I asked the guys if this was pretty accurate, and they said yes, and Anton said it's more of a "Picker-upper." Those were also funny, if you have a sick streak in your sense of humor. The funniest thing was when they showed a cat, and the guy said "POOSY!" It was great, I thought Eric was going to die from laughing so hard! After that we watched "The Little Shop Of Horrors" which had us all looking at Steve Martin in a different way. We all decided we were going to do that instead of South Pacific for our musical next year.

I'm already starting to miss everyone, even though I saw them like less than two hours ago, and I've only known them for a week, which feels like forever. Tomorrow morning I have to do a fucking dinosaur program with Aunt Viv and I'm going to gouge my eyes out for fun. Well, it's 12:08, looks like it IS tomorrow! I'll come back later, catch ya around, BITCH.

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