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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

For the last 2 days, (3 more to go) I've been helping my aunt do an archaeology camp at the Middletown Rec Center. That's right, archaeology camp, laugh all you want...Dan. And for 2 days, I've had to put up with a lot of crap from kids. Let me explain.

Yesterday was basically the orientation day. Aunt Viv explained exactly what archaeologists do, and what they DON'T do (DINOSAURS, GAH!) She showed them pictures of real sites, different tools they use, and other goodies. These three kids, mainly this one kid named Matt, took the trowels from the tools and started banging them on the walls! At one point, I got fed up with this and took the trowels away from them. They resorted to brushes, and at that point, I wanted to use them as javelin poles. We also went outside to do an activity with line levels and measurements, and one kid said to me, "What's your name? Sydney?" Sydney?! What the hell! Later on in the day, I made a name tag that said, "Jacquie (Sydney)" and then EVERYONE called me that.

Today was another day of hell, but according to my aunt, it wasn't as...hellish. She showed the kiddies different rocks and DINOSAUR things, heh, and I loved it when one kid said, "My favorite thing is dinosaurs." and my aunt said in a really fake voice while giving me a look, "Mine too! *cough*" Then, they did an archaeologic box dig in these big tupperware box things. Artifacts and other things were put in there for them to "find." There was another part they had to do, which was map where the artifact was, when they found one, then record depth, and where it was according to the left and north of the datum point (like the x and y on an axis). A lot of kids didn't know how to do it, or just skipped it and decided not to follow any of the rules, *cough cough MATT cough.* At one point I was doing his entire graph and stopped after a while and said, "You're on your own." Another problem kids had was spelling, but since I'm a good speller with words like "dish" and "plate" and "antidisestablishmentarianism", I could help them out a bit. Speaking of short words, I just found pretty much the longest word EVER, which is the name for synthetase A protein, which is an enzyme with 267 amino acids. It has 1,913 letters:

rolylmethion yllysylalanylalanylthreonylarginylserine

Try saying THAT one 3 times fast, hehehehe *snort.*

I've found that little girls become quickly fond of Sydney, er, me, and these two girls, Kristen and Anastasia (especially the latter) have hung around me a lot. They're cool, so it's not too bad.

Everyday after camp, we stop at Styer's Orchards and get some ice cream. Yesterday was cookies & cream, today was vanilla peanut butter. Mmmm. I got some new Mountain Dew Livewire (the orange stuff) and it was good, but I was hoping they had Sprite Remix because that stuff is AWESOME.

One more thing, today when we were going to load up all the boxes with dirt in the car, the security guy parked across two handicap spaces, one of which we were going to use. My aunt said to me, "Jack, we're probably going to have a hard time putting these boxes in the car because some asshole parked in the two handicap spaces." knowing very well the guy was standing RIGHT outside the room. Guess who took all of the boxes for us to the car, hehehe. My aunt is so clever.

Oh, last night I went over Jeff's, watched an SNL "Bad Boys" tape and we started to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous. Good stuff. On Sunday the cooter's going away for 3 weeks to some college thing. Thanks a lot!...you big taco.

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