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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Well golly Bob howdy, I'm home sick. This morning I felt shitty, but I've felt consistantly shitty this whole week, so it wasn't anything new. I hope I haven't whined too much this week, but sometimes you just feel like whining. Yesterday, I came home, took some aspirin, a teaspoon of codiene, and drank some Sleepytime Tea while eating candy. I hoped that I'd be either zonked out or a little pepped up, but instead I got a weird combination of the two. I called up Frank so he could hear my psycho babble, and I pretty much just vegged out. Believe it or not, I actually did my homework. I couldn't fall asleep, and woke up, complained a little and here I am. Watching a spelling bee on ESPN. I also watched some of a middle school math competition called Math Counts. I love how I'm sick and crap and I'm watching people who are younger than me that make me look really stoopid. Whatever, hey, I was in that National Geographic bee last year. Too bad I didn't know olives grew on trees...heh...I'm such a dumbass. And that wasn't even the one I got out on. Oh well. I hope I'm not missing too much. Right now, I'd be in...French. Now I'm glad I didn't go to school. I have about 3 hours left of Jacquie time before my brothers invade it and rip it to shreds. I just hope I'll be ok for Relay For Life, I don't want to miss that, even if it DOES rain. Grrr. Well, ta ta for now!

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