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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Steph and I were bored, so we decided to write a song, after being inspired by Scott's mad songwriting skills. I picked the tune, Steph picked the subject matter. So, here it is!

"Fat Camp" (To the tune of "Baby Beluga")

EmoElmoEmu3: Cunfer-sized people going to fat camp
sloopiesg: they love to eat, and they hate getting damp
EmoElmoEmu3: Love handles above, and flubber below
sloopiesg: wouldn't you love to see a fat people show

sloopiesg: Faaat people caaaamp
sloopiesg: Faaat people caaaamp
sloopiesg: they hate to get weighed, but still have to do it, we hate to see their flubber....

EmoElmoEmu3: Lardasses losing pounds, and gaining friends
sloopiesg: they try to hide candy but it always ends
EmoElmoEmu3: Their Kit Kats are krumpled, their Snickers smashed
sloopiesg: then they drink all night and get trashed


sloopiesg: the fat little boys love the fat little girlies
EmoElmoEmu3: When they're at school, the non-whales give them all swirlies
sloopiesg: they're called fatty, lardy, and even chubby
EmoElmoEmu3: they waddle as people call them "tubby"


EmoElmoEmu3: As they leave the fat camp, big fat tears are shed
sloopiesg: they're happy there's no more running, they just want their beds
EmoElmoEmu3: They can do what they please, eat some mac & cheese
sloopiesg: and their sweets will not be seized



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