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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Ok, so we're in French class, and Fichtman handed back our progress reports today and the unthinkable happened...

Me: You know, it says "Madane Fichtman" on them, right?
Fichtman: Oh, yeah, still haven't fixed that.
Joe: Yeah, I mean, it says "Yegor" on mine, what kind of shit is that?

Amazing. See, Joe's real name is Yegor, but he likes to be called Joe, who knows why. It was so damn funny, everyone gasped, we thought Fichtman would eat him, but instead we all had a nice laugh.

Once again, Caitlin and I have WAY too much time on our hands. We continued making geometric terms into weirdass sexual connotations. I will share with you some of my personal favorites:

"I'll tri your angle!"
"I'll rec your tangle!"
"I'll rhom your bi!"
"I'll trape your ezoid!" (so ghetto!)

and my two favorites from today

"I'll supple your mentary!"
"I'll perpen your dicular!"

The last one is hands down the best.

Speaking of hands down, I have this pencil that my aunt got me, and IT CHANGES COLORS WHEN YOU RUB IT! It goes from orange to yellow, and it looks really bad if you wrap your hand around it and rub it up and down...I learned that the hard way. And no Jeff, I'm NOT practicing. Hmpf!

One more thing, Yu-Gi-Oh has officially lost its place in my brothers' hearts. Guess what the new little fad is? They call them "Homies." They're little plastic figurines of ghetto people, and they're really stupid. What's worse is that I'm afraid that they're going to turn out to be like some of the people who think that they are straight up from the 'hood, but live in white, middle class suburbia. It's really pathetic. I'll give ya the link, check them out, it's quite entertaining what marketing plot little kids fall helplessly into. "Homies Bendables in the heezy fo sheezy!"

I'm out, it's American Idol time. *Smack*

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