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Monday, May 05, 2003

Man, Friday was AMAZING! Steph and I, being the badasses that we be, went to go see not one but TWO movies. I totally lied to my aunt and said that I was going to Steph's to eat before the movie...whoops. Oh, oh, lock me up and throw away the key! We first saw the Lizzie McGuire Movie at 5:10, and besides us, the rest of the people in the theater were little girls and their moms. Guess who laughed the hardest out of everyone...us! Especially at one part...heh...CHEESE...heh. Oh man, we kept relating the characters to people we know, the biggest resemblance being Duane to Ethan, it was so great! Like for instance: "You've never had a spaghetti sandwich?!" = DUANE! Steph is Lizzie, I'm Miranda (who wasn't in the movie) and we called up Dana (she couldn't go because she was grounded! Poop.) and told her she was Gordo. Gordo rules man, but I felt so bad for him in the movie!

I forgot to mention, we bought two large sodas and an x-large poppycorn for our dinner, and we pretty much finished the popcorn in one movie! Steph has MAJOR bladder problems, because she went twice during Lizzie McGuire and twice during Holes. Man, I went twice and I had the same amount of soda as she did! Before going into Holes, we saw Dan as he was going into X2, and he made fun of us because we be Disney hos. Which is true, by the way. We saw Holes at 7:10, and we have agreed that it's better than the Lizz's movie. Awww Zero is so cute! Once again we were talking nonstop, and I was filling Steph in on the "connections" because I read the book a million years ago. Man, we were entertaining ourselves SO much! One thing we also both agree on...Disney movie songs are the best! The "Dig It" song from Holes and "Why Not?" and "What Dreams Are Made Of" from the Lizzie McGuire Movie rock it like a Bop-It!

Saturday and Sunday I had to help my aunt with this dig at the Willet-Knight House in Feasterville. The guy who owns the house let us have three 5' by 5' excavation units, and we found some cool stuff...ok, I thought it was cool. I was supposed to be a "helper" but I ended up working like all the other kids. We found bottles, parts of dishes and a headless figurine among other things. On Saturday, we only dug and sifted, but yesterday we also cleaned the artifacts we found and me and this girl Alex Zubak mapped the excavation units in relation to the house and garage while adding little details because 1) It's fun and 2) we didn't feel like doing anything else. Everyone there was in 5th or 6th grade, so I fit in perfectly. Alex turns out to be Sara Giampolo's sister's best friend, how about that! Yesterday, two papers showed up (Bucks County Courier Times and something else) and it turns out I'll probably be in either one on Wednesday or so...cool.

Saturday night, me and Jeffy went to Unos then the movies. We had to wait a bit for a table at Unos, but when we were there was no kiddie menu involved! Woo! Jeff got a bigass 10 oz. Uno Burger and I got New England Clam Chowder and Fajitas. Leave it to me to come up with a whacked up combination that works. While we sat there, there was a TV behind me showing Access Hollywood's top 10 supermodels, so Jeff got a treat and if he got bored with me, I'm sure he got some eye candy from there, hahahaha. We walked over to the Barn and while we were crossing the street, some guy yelled at us and it turned out to be George's dad and little brother in the car! We saw Anger Management, and oh man, if you haven't seen it yet, DO SO! It's SO DAMN FUNNY! Let me just tell you in advance that you'll have "I Feel Pretty" in your head afterwards as well as the phrase "Goosfraba." Afterwards these people were harassing us about how we're 12 and midgets and the usual, *sigh* I'm so used to it by now, but why can't people just shut the fuck up?! Everything was great, and like always I had a great time with Jeff! By the way, tomorrow's our 2 month anniversary...yay! :) Too bad SOMEONE didn't remember it right away, hehehe. I can't wait for the dance, we'll be SO color coordinated you won't be able to handle it, especially now that we've decided on red flowers! I might straighten my hair as well...we'll see...

Some random things:
1) We watched part of the movie Final Fantasy in Bower's class on Friday and it was SO FUCKING AWESOME! See, for cuss shunners, Nadia, I had to drop the F-bomb to emphasize the point I was trying to get across. The computer animation looked so realistic it was scary! Unfortunately Marc forgot to bring it today, but his ass has been kicked so he will on Wednesday...mwahaha...
2) In French class today, we watched this video about this girl named Clementine who was under the Dipschmidt's and my definition of a lesbian was one. Butch haircut...check. Flannel shirt...check. Oh yeah. It was about her sister who flunked her "bac" (hardass French SAT type test) and doesn't want to flunk it again. But wait...while she was studying, some random guy was on her bed massaging her hand and all of a sudden she rolled on top of him WHOA WHOA! Marc swore it was a porno, and after that, I think he's right.
3) Talent show is on Friday, woo, I want to see talented people, unlike me!
4) Chorus convert is next Wednesday...I think we're ready...TO SUCK! Oh man, why does "Rhythm Of Life" have to haunt my thoughts? *Shudder*
5) Mrs. Olsen is leaving after next week! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
6) The number 1-866-868-4433 is the "Hail To The Thief Customer Care Hotline." Basically, it's toll-free and you can listen to parts from about 4 songs off of Radiohead's brand spanking new album coming out June 10th. I warn you, if you do call, it's weird as HELL...yet very amusing!

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