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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, May 26, 2003

I just came back from Bridget's house, I went over there last night and did a bunch of stuff. Wanna know what I did? (You: SHUT YOUR HOLE!) Alrighty then! I went over there at about 7-ish, and we all, including Cory, went to Bridget's brother, Matt's, party. Tons of food was served. Bridget, Cory, and I went on a (long) walk, and we saw some shady people so we went the other way. We came back, and Bridget and I listened to mucho music by The Beatles, Midnight Voices, etc. Bridget has a kickass CD player, by the way. I'm not jealous because I have a piece of SHIT CD player...heh...uh, anyway. Bridget fell asleep, and I listened to the best of U2 1980-1990, yeah, the good stuff minus "Gloria".

Bridget breathed REALLY loudly, I'd like to add, hehe, so I prompted her to stop. I had a WEIRD dream: I was in my Aunt's driveway, and I looked across the street and there was a party going on, so I went over and onto a schoolbus parked in their driveway. EVERYONE in the bus was smoking pot, and I saw Kellie rolling a joint, and said, "Kellie, you're...ROLLING A JOINT?" and she was like, "Hi Jacquie!" and I said, "Kellie, you are a moron." and left. Then I flipped someone off and walked away and ran into Jim Pierce. The end. The night before, I had a dream that I was in a hotel with Brianna Field-Taylor and some other people, and some man dared her to go out onto the balcony and he would dangle a hammer above her head while she sang with a guitar, and he told me to shake her head and crap while he did that. So, the dare went as planned, and as I was doing stuff to her head, she fell off the balcony and many many stories to the ground. Everyone was devastated, but the thing is, they all blamed it on ME! Then, we turned on a TV, and the news people had a videotape of me going into the bathroom in the hotel room with a blank stare on my face and my mouth open and they said, "Here is the violent 15-year-old who killed a girl" blah blah blah. And I woke up petrified, very freaky stuff. I love Brianna! Man...dreams are SO weird.

So, this morning, we woke up and Bridget beat me at a game of Yahtzee. Then, Bridget DROVE (yeah Bridget!) us to the mall, and we had SO much fun shopping. Well, bargain hunting, because it's what we do best. We criticized the clothes at Charlotte Russe to pieces, 'twas awesome indeed. I got a $6.99 New Orleans shirt at Weathervane that said, "Laissez les bon temps roulez!" meaning "Let the good times roll!" Fichtman would be proud, but I don't give a shit what she thinks because the bitch put "Talks persistently" on my progress report! I talk as much as everyone else does! Bridget got a $4.99 tank and a 99 cent turtleneck at Rave. I applaud Bridget, that was incredible. At Bath and Body Works, Bridget got Freesia body wash, I got Mandarin Mango lotion, and we both got these cute little rainbow striped bags, which we're calling lunchboxes...even if they're not. At the end of the shopping excursion, we got Auntie Anne's pretzels, the best damn soft pretzels in the universe! When we got back, we watched Two Weeks Notice, which was a really good movie. Cory came over later and we ate dinner, then played around with a soccer ball and a volleyball. The volleyball killed my arms, and I pulled a muscle. Owie. So, that's it. I'm off to go dread going back to school. Awwww here it goes!

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