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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

God, someone shoot me.

Because I'm sick, and lazy, I'm now stranded on loser island with my two brothers and their friend Ray. I love it how they think they're so badass when they call me a "B-I-T-C-H" or say the word penis. Add in the Homies, and they're the baddest motherpluckers J-son has EVA seen. It's also funny, because Scott having Ray over is like if Uncle Billy invited his supplier over. In both cases, their obsessions are personified. Scott with Yu-Gi-Oh, Uncle Billy with...God knows what. I'm also listening to high-level conversations. Ex: "You're fugly!" "Shut your hole!" "You're fugly!" "Shut your hole!" OVER AND OVER. I'm getting a fricking migraine. What's this funny feeling I'm getting...all I took was Adv-iagra. Shit. I have some 'splanin' to do.

In French class, we went to the computer lab, and while we were working, a message popped up on everyone's computer: "Messaging is for LOSERS." We were all confused and Fichtman was like, "Jacquie, it looks like it's coming from your computer" and I told her I didn't do it. Then some lady came in and said it was all over the library and pointed at my computer and said, "It appears to be from computer 2..." Then Fichtman said the unthinkable. "Jacquie couldn't have possibly done it, she's the most innocent one here!" My jaw almost dropped. Whoa. So I looked back and Winston was pointing to himself, saying that he did it. Whatever, people who take French are messed up...i.e. Me.

Last night, Jeff and I went to see X-Men. On the ride there, Dad discussed where he flipped out in his car(s), how pissed off he was when he got a ticket the other day (and how much he showed it), and some bitchy lady he had to work for, among other things. It was great, I said, "Hey dad, look at that sign, 'Watch Out For Aggressive Drivers'!" And he said, "Yeah, that would be me." Then I realized, my dad and mom have MAJOR road rage...what the hell will become of me?! I'm not exactly a calm person when I'm WALKING. I'm doomed. So after all of that hilarity insued, and he said that Mexicans should go back to their own country, we arrived at the movie theater, which was PACKED. Everything was sold out, except for the Matrix, which was R. I love coincidences. Jeff bumped into some people he used to live by, and we got in The Matrix with some kid's dad. The movie was SO GOOD, I'd definitely see it again. Dan told me about seeing it with him and Frank on IMAX, and I hope I can go, I just hope they won't beat me up if I tell them I *unintentionally* saw it with Jeff. Whooops...

Before I went out last night, my brothers and I watched some high quality shiz on channel 63. Never watched channel 63? That's because it's cable access and a half. That channel is multi-purposed. They had a QVC-like thing on this morning. Anyway, back to my point, we watched an advertisement for a couple of videos they were selling by the "Best Buddies." Basically, the Best Buddies are 4 "brothers and sisters" (I swear one was like 20 and was trying to be younger) who sang songs. What made this stand out from all of the other hokey childrens' videos was that they're southern...and Christian. I say, when doing really bad songs, let God be. It was SO damn funny, I was sold, I'd buy those videos for MYSELF. There was even puppets who moved their mouthes out of sync! They had 3, videos, one had the title, "Sorry, I'm allegic to griping." ...Wow. They sang corny songs, one involving the line, "If they start to smoke, and they start to do drugs, tell your friend that you've had enough!" HAH! It's great, because here are these little wholesome kids from Louisiana singing about drugs. Scott pranced around and made fun of the songs. Jeff was on the phone with me, and said that we're going to Hell...PSH! Our whole family, from day one, was destined to go to Hell! Order Best Buddies today, for some God-awful family fun! a-HA!

I'm off to futher disable my computer by downloading more songs. You'd better believe I've already downloaded songs from The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Holes. "Hey now, hey now, this is what dreeeeeams are made off..."

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