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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Yesterday was very uneventful, but Saturday was definitely NOT. First of all, I had to, along with all of the other slaves, er, Patriot Players, go through 6 hours of Oklahomo practice. I was ready to rip out my eyeballs, it was that fun. Jeff had to fill in for Nick for the "Scandal and Outrage" number, and he kicked ace! Go Jeff! Fichtman definitely hates me. She yelled at me: "Jacquie, you need to get ballet shoes and work on that dance, ok?" GRRRR. Kaelin didn't have shoes either, but she picked me anyway. I was still sick, and I felt like crap. Let me just say this, communists are taking over theatre, especially in the DANCE department. Right Dana? I still think we should just screw the ballet and do the horse thing instead. It's so much cooler anyway.

From 6-10:30, I went to Mary Jane, er, MJ's surprise party. MJ was really surprised. I got to talk to Sean a lot, and catch up a little since we haven't had a good conversation in a long time. Sean told me that when I was absent the day before, Fichtman took him aside and asked if we were still going out, and reminded of my little "incident" with her during Aladdin. What a bitch! She must really hate me. I also hung a lot with Jeff, because he's a cool. Heh. They had SOOOO much food there, it was great. They even had these neato little pizza thingers, pigs in a blanket, and other scrumptious goodies. Wow, that sounded really gay.

Yesterday was crap on a stick. Nothing much else needs to be said.

Today was alright. This is what happened. I got sick on the bus. I asked the girl next to me, Rachel Musselman, what I should do, and she told me to go up front, but I was too lazy. I ended up chundering on my gloves. Brittany took all the Mardi Gras stuff I had in a plastic bag out, and I put my gloves in the bag. Then puked on them in the bag. I got to school, and the nurse wasn't there, and I went to the office. I ended up having conversations with the office ladies (who weren't bitchy like the ones at TMS) and Mr. Kane picked me up because my dad didn't answer the phone because he was in the shower. I stayed home and folded laundry, rocked out with MTV2, and had a good cry with Montel. Me and Montel are CLOSE! I taste tested Reese's Fast Break and Snickers Cruncher, and both passed recieved the Jacqueline Seal of Approval in the class of candy spinoffs.

I went to the orthodontist, and now I have pretty pink bands. WoOo! I heard "Creep" on the way there, and it made me happy. My teeth hurt.

I have to go take a shower, because at 9 SHARP Francine is going to call me and Dan and we're going to chat about the weather, school, our baby- what, hah, I mean, um. Right. GOTTA GO!

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