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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

Surprise, surprise. Ok, so lately, play practices are taking over my life. Yesterday, we had an 8-hour play practice. Surprisingly, it was kind of fun. We had to practice the costume changes, and they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. We had a giant lunch, which was good, but we had limited time to eat it in. When I was doing the whore dance, I was slightly falling out of my tank top. Well, maybe the tank top was falling down on me, but yeah. Not pleasant. Also, my little big bird feather hat thingamabobber fell off my head and hung on my neck when I was dancing. Then dancers and the female leads get the faculty room as a dressing room, because we're special. We don't have a TV like the guys, but we have a drink machine and a sink...so booyeah. Everything went well on the most part, and the other parts of the play I got to see were great. I was playing with my scarf a lot, and Brittany decided to steal it from me and chase Kaelin and I with it. She accidentally whipped me on the side of my face and it hurt a lot. Ow. I can't wait for this week where we have practices until "?" every night. Hell week, indeed. At least I get to miss most of French class on Wed. because of the Senior Citizen performance, and a lot on Friday because of the "teasers."

Friday night, I went to my cousin Krista's wedding reception, after play practice. I met all of my...relative..S.usan's children, who are in their 20's, and they were cool. Kevin said asked me what school I went to and then he said "Do you hate C.B. West?" and I said, "Um...maybe?" and he said, "I do! They have ugly school colors. Yellow and brown..." "Actually, it's yellow and black." "Oh...still..." Haha. They offered me beer, but I declined. The best man made a toast, and actually brought out a toaster, it was pretty funny. They gave a glass with a little bit of champagne in it, and I was given the ok, but they took it away before I could! Dave, the groom, is so adorable! He has a nice smile, and I hope that him and Krista have a long lasting marriage. I was being a party pooper, and I didn't dance except for the congo line. My aunt was trying to force me to dance with people, and my cousin or something asked me to dance and I said no. I don't know what I was afraid of. Maybe looking like a fool because I can't dance, I don't know. I usually only dance with my friends or by myself, so I guess I felt slightly uncomfortable. Aunt Viv was dancing up a storm, and hey, it was more fun to watch them then dance with myself. The buffet was great, and the desserts were sooo good. When we got home, I put a piece of wedding cake under my pillow, because I felt like experimenting. Uncle Charles said that it was a superstition that if you do that, you'll dream of your true love. You know what I dreamt of? I had a dream that it was a normal school day, and the principal announced over the speakers that all of the people in the world were going to die on Saturday. What am I ON?!

Here's some random things that happened that I didn't mention:
1) In French class, we got into a discussion on women and men and stereotypes, and Marc randomly stood up, walked to the door and said, "I'm going to the bathroom to itch my man parts!"
2) Austin stuck pens in Jen's hair in math one day, and then put a note on it that said "Hi, my name is Jen, and I don't know that these pens are in my head, shhh." or something like that. Then Jen wrote a note back to Austin saying "Hi, my name is Austin, and if I had hair Jen would stick pens in it." Very funny.
3) I went to Friendly's this week with mom, the animals, Tim, and his animals. The four boys were at a different booth, and I wanted to drop kick them all. I was stuck with mom and Tim, which was a pleasure, and Friendly, I wasn't. I was tired from play practice, and I was drug there, how pleasant should I have been? Mom kept yelling to Scott and Kyle and Scott spit ice cream out of his mouth which was the last straw. Oh bloody joy, it was fun.
4) Kyle is really depressed. He asked me, "Jacquie, do you hate your life?" and I said no, and he said he did and some other people in his class did. I said, "Aren't little kids supposed to be happy?" "No. I enojy hating my life." Man...maybe he'll be a goth or something. I just hope he gets a little less sensitive when he gets older. I also hope that we'll all cheat fate by not having our lives go down the porcelin pee hole. The Baker children are doomed for failure, I swear.
5) The guys in the dream ballet look like male strippers because they have black shirts with white bowties. Chippendale's, anyone? Jeff just happens to be one of the strippers, so I'm not complaining.
6) On Friday, we went to the computer lab for French, and it turns out that they had to reinstal everything because the computers were messed up...everything except the French CD. Fichtman was PISSED. Sean said to me, "Heads will roll." and Fichtman said, "You've never seen heads roll before this"...heh...We ended up playing French board games, I played Monopoly, and watching a bit of "La Belle et La Bete" (Beauty and the Beast) and it was very amusing en Francais.
7) I'm obsessed with Office Space, if you didn't know that already know that. I watched the DVD twice, last night and today, and now my brothers like it. I also downloaded one song from the movie, and I hope Dana can burn me a copy of the soundtrack because it kicks ass.

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