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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

I haven't blogged in...ever! Man, a lot has happened (not really), and I guess I should give a recap. It will be random, but here we go.

The last time I blogged was last thursday, holy cabooses! Oh, I'll get to that too. Friday night, (not yesterday, the one before) Jeff, Lauren, and I went over MJ's house, and we had fun in his basement, hehehe, and watched Road To Perdition and Rat Race. After we watched Rat Race, we surprised Jeff and MJ's mom brought out a cake and we sang happy birthday to Jeff. A good time was had by all.

On saturday, I helped my aunt with her program at the Southampton library, and it went well. The kids liked it, and oh my god, Jacquie actually touched some dirt! Ok, I'm not THAT prissy, being that I'm a dirty whore and all. "I'm not that innocent." Yeah Britney Spears. At night, Nadia and her two cousins, Kaelin, Ryan, Jones the Ninja, and Jeff and I went to see Hello Dolly at TMS. Frank was good, Virginio was ok, and Blickley was...Blickley. He said the phrase "holy cabooses" a few times, and I think I'll say that from now on because it's splendid. The show was pretty good, and I think it was better than Holicong's but maybe that's because I'm biased. Jeff had to leave before I saw Frank, and Frank had to go see his family before I could really talk to him. BUT, an interesting thing happened. Cunfer walk by Ryan and I, and we yelled "Hey Miss Cunfer!" Then she gave me a hug (AH!) and this is how our conversation went:

Me: The play was great!
Cunfer: How about Virginio, huh? I told you...
Me: Virginio was good, but I have my OWN Nick Virginio...
Cunfer: WHO?!
Me: My boyfriend...
Cunfer: Who is he?
Ryan: He's from Holicong.
Cunfer: OH NO! *Waves arms and such*
Me: MISS CUNFER! NO! NO! HE'S A GOOD KID! He's a great singer too, actually.
Cunfer: Ohhh...really...
Me: Yeah, he's a tenor, you know me and tenors...heh heh. He was in County too.
Cunfer: oOo...so he's not your average bear!
Me: Nope! I don't settle for anything less!
Cunfer: That's the way to go! *Walks away*
*End scene*

Nice. I told Jeff about it and he was amused with the "not your average bear" part. Dan couldn't go to the play because he was grounded because of his grades. AP Chem, no doubt. I was kinda dissapointed, Dan's the man.

Sunday, I stayed in my pj's, and I did stuff for Jeff's b-day present.

Monday, Jeff's b-day, St. Patty's day, and the college fair. I made Jeff wait the whole day until he could get his b-day present because I'm extremely cruel. Mwahahaha. Here's what I got him: 2 movie tickets, $20 gift certificate to UNO's, and a burned CD with 10 songs on it that remind me of him. I wrote him this extremely long note that went with it, and in the note I explained why I picked each song on the CD...I entitled "10 Things I Love About You." Ok, maybe that's a ripoff, but it was me, so yeah. What. What are you gonna do about it. Foo. Interested in what the songs? No? Too fricking bad, here's the tracklist:

1) Rival Schools ~ Good Things
2) Weezer ~ You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
3) Beatles ~ If I Fell
4) Raffi ~ Baby Beluga
5) Elton John ~ Your Song
6) Midnight Voices ~ Ave Maria
7) Coldplay ~ Green Eyes
8) Ben Kweller ~ Falling
9) Badly Drawn Boy ~ Once Around The Block
10) Weezer ~ Only In Dreams

Maybe I screwed up the order a little, but that was all by memory, so that was pretty damn good considering I don't have one.

I went to the college fair, and it made me realize 1) I don't know what the hell I'm doing and 2) I don't have the foggiest idea of where I want to go. I saw some people there I knew, including ol' Jeffo. Oh yeah, I also had piano and an ortho. appointment that day so it was slightly hectic. I wanted to watch Clone High, but when I finally remembered, MTV screwed me and pushed it back to 11:30, so I decided to sleep. So sue me.

Tuesday and Wednesday are a blur. Maybe I'll have a spontaneous flashback to what happened. I don't know. I just remember that I had play practice those days as well as Thursday.

Thursday, good day. I think. Wait, maybe that was the crappy day. I forget. Anyway, since we had no school on Friday, Fichtman told us to wear our Oklohomo prison shirts on Thursday. Fun stuff. Play practice once again. Shoot me now. Thursday night, my grandmom cam over. Also, I went to Applebees with Jen, Jess, Allie, Kim and her boy Ben. Our waiter's name was Jeff, so I felt the need to be on a first name basis with him. Kim and Ben ditched us for "Bringing Down The House", but we had a great time. First, we went to Eckerd and I bought some lip gloss (THAT I'M ADDICTED TO) and Jess tryed on like 3 tanners on one arm. Then, we ran across the street to Redner's. May I add that it was POURING and we all got soaked. In Redner's, we bought some "bling" out of those toy machines, and I went into the store and Allie taught me how to do the "spray dance" with the air fresheners. That was great, but I smelled like it afterwards. Then, we ran over to CVS and fooled around. THEN, Allie pushed me in a shopping cart back to Redner's. Fun stuff. We bought a few Spongebob stickers. Apres ca, we ran all the way to the Coffee Beanery, and we saw Kellie with Nicole and Mike on the way there. Awkward, a little. We sat in the Coffee Beanery, and Allie left to get a ride w/Kim, and Jess left when her head started hurting again. Oh, I forgot to mention at play practice on Tuesday, I think, she hit her head while doing a weird dance with the ballet she made up. I left with Jen and went home.

Yesterday, I stayed in my pj's for a while and watched the whole "Attack on Iraq" while eating an oatmeal creme pie. Don't deny the greatness of the oatmeal creme pie. I love you Little Debbie. Last night, I went over Jeff's house and we watched Pearl Harbor, or as much of it as time would allow. That was great. His sister was visiting from college and she was cool. Their cat took a liking to me, but most cats do. Unfortunetly, my cat is a bitch like me, so I don't like her all that much. When my aunt and uncle picked me up, we went to McDonald's right as it was closing and got some sundaes. Yum.

Ok, FINALLY, I'm at today. This afternoon, I volunteered with my aunt again at the Southampton library, but it was a different program: "Bones and Stones." Basically, there was a lot of kids from last week, but this one 4th grade boy (already you know that's a problem) wasn't, and today he was the master of chaos. Fortunetly, I am experienced with entertaining (and beating the crap out of) 3rd and 4th grade boys. I entertained them by discussing Spongebob with them, so I helped my aunt out A LOT. They ended up fooling around and doing stupid things with their individual "works of art" but they're boys, what's new?

Tonight, I went to the Old Country Buffet and ate like I never have before, but that could be because I only had 2 bowls of cereal the whole day. This is a list of everything I ate:

1 chicken leg
Rice w/peas and carrots
Mashed potatoes
Garlic breadstick
A chunk of some spiced fish
1 bowl of chicken noodle soup
Some brownie thingy
Peach cobbler
Raspberry iced tea

If that doesn't look like a lot, it definitely was. Oh, and I was officially a 12-year-old, like usual. What happens when I don't look 12 anymore? No more discounts until I'm a Senior Citizen.

After that, we went to Target, a boutique, and I tried on bathing suits, liked one, but I didn't get it because I was convinced that something on it would break. Instead, I purchased Beatles "1", Steve Miller Band "Greatest Hits: 1974-1978" and of course, "Office Space" DVD. Dana and I are obsessed with that movie, but it's so damn funny.

When we came home, we watched the movie I picked out, "Igby Goes Down." I thought it was good, but it was REALLY weird. Maybe that's why I liked it. Susan Sarandon played "Mimi," the mom, and she reminded me of my mom. Scary, I know. Especially because she married a schizophrenic, popped pills, and in the end asked her sons to poison her because she was dying of cancer. It wasn't a happy movie, I can tell you that, and I felt so bad for Igby. Plus he had a fascist, preppy brother, who even I hated when I watched the movie. I recommend it if you're a psycho and enjoy hearing the F bomb dropped every 2 seconds.

Ok, I'm done my novel. I hope you enjoyed it. "You" being me. No one reads this, but whatever. I thought I'd go into withdrawal if I didn't blog soon.

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