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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

HOLY SHIT. I just cracked my back and heard like 20 things crack, that was so AWESOME. Simple things amuse Jacquie.

Today, I went hunting for the stuff I need for Oklahomo: nude tights, red spaghetti strap tank top, and black biker shorts. I found...just the tights. We went to Marshalls, Kohl's, Target, and Walmart. NOTHING. Well, the biker shorts were like up to my stomach and down to almost my knees, and the one thing I thought would work for the tank didn't fit me. AHHHHH! I saw Brittany Kline at Kohl's, she works there, and that was cool. I ended up getting a nifty bathing suit at Marshall's though.

I was talking to Steph and she said there was an annoying buzzing in her house, and here's the hilarity that followed:

sloopiesg: AHHHHHHH there's a beeping sound that is driving me crazy
Zakolita: oh god, KILL IT
sloopiesg: OK!
sloopiesg: i'll be back.....
sloopiesg: (runs away, smashes things)
sloopiesg: ok, back, it's dead!!!!
Zakolita: HAHAHAHA!!!
Zakolita: *eye twitch*
sloopiesg: yaaaaay! i saved the day!
Zakolita: woohoooo!
sloopiesg: you can always count on captain planet to save the day
Zakolita: hahahaha
sloopiesg: nooooooooooooo
sloopiesg: it's started again
Zakolita: what?
Zakolita: NO!
sloopiesg: i need the help of my friends, can you help me, you have heart, right?
Zakolita: hahahahaha
sloopiesg: HELP ME QUICK
Zakolita: ok!
sloopiesg: *not helping, not helping*
Zakolita: hahahaha
sloopiesg: HEART
sloopiesg: WIND
sloopiesg: EARTH
sloopiesg: FIRE
sloopiesg: WATER
Zakolita: AND HEART
Zakolita: hahahaha
Zakolita: why am I the gay one!
sloopiesg: hahahaha
Zakolita: hahahaha
sloopiesg: captain planet, he's our hero, gonna take the buzzing down to zero, fighting on shnephie's side....
Zakolita: captain planet! he's our hero! gonna take pollution down to zero!
Zakolita: that was awesome
sloopiesg: HAHA
Zakolita: even BLOGworthy
sloopiesg: yay!!
Zakolita: oh, i will blog that
sloopiesg: YAAAAAAAY
sloopiesg: i feel special
Zakolita: ;) you are!
sloopiesg: yay, so are you:-)

So I did blog it.

There is SO going to be a DDR competition between Dan, Frank + 2, Jeff - 2, and me. It's gonna be hot, fo shizzle. That's enough ghettoness for now, but "damn it feels good to be a gangsta." Go Office Space.

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