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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Dude, the Oklahomo commies need to die. Well, one wasn't that bad, but the other...oh man. Today, the other girl, I forget her name now damn, helped me a lot and she was really nice about it. She also thought of "creative" ways for us to think of things while we danced. Hehe. Fichtman definitely needs to have some of the French revolutionaries go violent on her ass. Yesterday, one of the girls from the play was talking to another, and she said something along the lines of Fichtman being "the devil reincarnated". How true is that?

Jeff burned my the BNL's greatest hits CD. It's hyper cool. I saw that phrase in my French book and thought I should plug it in anywhere I can. His b-day is the 17th, which is both the day of the college fair AND St. Patty's Day. How cool is that? Mine's STILL on Flag Day though. Not like you needed to know now so that you could plan a super de duper surprise party for me or anything. It's June 14th, by the way...

Speaking of Jeff, he beat me into submission so finally I gave in and said I would go to the Holicong play on Friday night. Actually, that's a lie, because you know how hard it is to get me to go somewhere. I get around ;)

Frank called me last night, once again, to have a 9:00 3-way convo between him, me, and my husband Dan. BUT, here's where things got screwy. My druggie uncle Billy (I've mentioned him quite a few times before) called last night, and once again I answered. Once again, he pretended to be someone else. Here's how it went:

Uncle Billy: Uh...hello.
Uncle Billy: Uh, this is officer-

It was so great. I told everyone not to pick up the phone because he'd probably call back. One time he called, and I thought it was Frank, but it was him, and I had to deal with him momentarily and apologized whole-heartedly (HAH) and fed him some other BS. So, I called Frank, and said what the hell you didn't call me, and he did at like 8:40. But I thought it was the pothead. My bad...

Oh yeah, Frank is going to be a star. As far as middle school plays go, I guess. He's in Hello Dolly at TMS on the 14th and 15th. See it people, I guarantee it will be hot.

Oh, and I got a fortune cookie yesterday at lunch that says, "We learn from everyone, especially from our enemies." EVERYONE HATES ME GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!...BALLET RUUUUUULES! WOOOOO! OW OW!

I think I've grown tolerant to codiene. NOOOOOOO! :( This makes Jacquie unhappy.

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