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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Why did today have to be so bad? First, this morning I heard the horrible news that Mr. Rogers died (NOOOO! What about the movie, Michelle?) I think tomorrow, if we have school, I should wear my Mr. Rogers shirt in honor of his departure. Like in The Giver, he was "released" from this "community." Damn you Mr. Jacob. You and your birthmothers. I almost typed bitchmothers, haha. But that's what Jacob is...with his many feline friends. Ew, nasty thought.

Secondly, we had to go from AOL 8.0 to 7.0. Now everything's not as convenient as it was. Where's the neato features? I don't have a cool buddy icon or wallpaper OR desktop anymore! WAAAAA! AOL just ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be- ok, I'll stop.

Today in advisory, this girl named Sarah or Sara (I'm bad with names), and I talked about how skanky C.B. West was, and how they'd kick me out if I ended up going there because I bathe too often and wear new clothes every day. She wrote down that she was going to write Spanish poetry for her practice proposal, and she got great comments, the best from Dugan: "Great!" Haha, she said she bet she didn't even read it. Spanish poetry, that's classic. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet for the grad project, but I think I want to do the FLEX program at BCCC. This way, I'll get insight on how much I like teaching, specifically en Fran├žais. (a.k.a. the language of the devil)

I had the best dream ever last night, BUT I can't share it because things travel by word and I wouldn't want anything like that to happen. My lips are sealed...

We might have a schnow day tomorrow. Yay? I mean, I have little homework which is good, and anyday off from school is great. Yet, we may have to go a day later into the schoolyear, and we'll have to do even more work on saturday because tomorrow is a rehearsal day for me. I don't want to miss practicing the whore dance!

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