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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

When I took my nappypoo today, I had a weird dream. Mike Mohapp liked Steph a lot, and wrote anonymous notes to her and stuff. I knew all about it because I think I talked to Mike, and I asked Steph, who was sitting next to Jen, who she thought it was. She said, "Duh, it's either Mike or Jacquie or-" and I was like "JACQUIE? It wasn't me!" Crazyness. Whenever I talked to Steph, he was always standing in the doorway of the room we were in, and whenever I looked at him he smiled. At the end of the dream, he got a cake for her, and it said something in icing on it about a "rock", which I took as a diamond ring or something, and when Steph saw the cake, which me and some others were pigging out on, I asked her if she wanted vanilla or chocolate, and she said, "Ew, I hate chocolate cake!" and I said "Me too!" as I ate a piece of chocolate cake. WHAT DRUGS AM I ON? Actually, I'm on extra strength Excedrin right now, but that was a totally non-drug influenced dream.

Man, I really like someone right now. ;)

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