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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

This weekend was pretty good, compared to the other weekends lately. I was having a "losing streak," if you will. Ah, my eye's twitching. Anyway, I went skiing at Tanglwood with the boys, my dad, and Cheryl. I've only gone skiing 3 times, this being my third. Cheryl and I were scoping out the boys, and we managed to find a really hot snowboarder. While on the ski lift, some 12 or 13 year old guy who was behind us starting yelling things to me. I was looking for my dad and Kyle who were a couple of chairs back, and maybe he thought I was looking at him. He said things like "Hey sexy" and said something about sticking something up my "bum." Wow. That was quite unnecessary. We saw him later on, and it turned out that he was riding a skateboard that was on top of a snowboard...I guess that's not common.

One time at the end of the ski lift, I kind of, well, DIDN'T GET OFF. I yelled "Cheryl!" and I fell/skied down a snow heap. Another time, when we had to ski up to where the ski lift would pick us up, I kind of skied sideways and almost fell. They stopped the ski lift, and one of the guys operating it clapped. The other said, "What's your name?" and I said, "Um, Jacquie?" Then he yelled to the people in the line for the ski lift, "Alright everyone, on the count of 3 yell 'Boo Jacquie!' Ready 1, 2, 3, BOO JACQUIE! Oh come on, do it again, BOO JACQUIE!" Oh man, that was SO FUNNY! I was like cracking up, then I turned around to the people in the line and bowed. Why get embarrassed, it's more fun to laugh about it. I did burn my tongue on the hot cocoa I had in the lodge (it still hasn't recovered) but other than that it was fun. Kyle did really well on skis, and Scott had some difficulty on his snowboard, because he gave up after one try. Later he went back to practicing, and next time he'll do alright. My dad sucks and wiped out a lot, but most of the times were because he was too busy watching Kyle. I wiped out twice but they were because the person in front of me was swerving back and forth and I didn't know which way to go and I just fell over to get it over with. I love how that last sentence screwed over commas. Who needs commas anyway? Psh, they're so unloved.

Well tomorrow, I start anew. New classes, new teachers, new classmates. Gulp. I loved my teachers and classmates! They were so great! I might just die now. I know that my math class will be fun(?) because I have Jen, Kellie, Allie, and Caitlyn in my class. This means that because it's 3rd block, they're also in my lunchie! Woo! Basic Music Theory should be EASY and I know a lot of people who are in that class with me. I'll post back tomorrow on my first impressions of my classes, teachers, and whatnot. Tchao!

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