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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Oh man, I'm listening to the Mitch Hedburg CD now, and it's still great. I'm sure it won't get old, ever. Jeff and I listened to it in Basic Music Theory today, because we already did all the crap that they did in class. Good stuff. I couldn't possible pick a favorite quote, because all of his drug induced jokes are hilarious. Like my pothead Uncle Billy if he was actually funny and not just drugged out.

Last night, my mom and I had a mother-daugher outting. Shocking, I know. After the chorus rehearsal, my mom "spontaneously" took me to the Pineville Tavern. Of course Tim, her new flame, was there. I think he's a doofus, but whatever, he's mom's type, not mine. I had crème brulee, and I ate it in like 2 seconds. And I figured, hell, if you're having crème brulee, and someone else is paying for it, why not have 2. So what if your teeth rot and fall out, all that matters is that it tasted pretty damn good.

I love how my mom finds out things that make people miserable, then says them to people. (i.e. me) Last night, she said the reason why I haven't babysat in a while is because Ron and Julie are having some problems. NO! They can't! I thought they were happy. Ah damn, family relationships everywhere are going to pieces. It's not fair, but like in a certain Ben Folds' Five song, "All is fair in love." But not really. Screw it.

Guess what! We get to do the whore dance number in the dream scene! WOOO! Originally she scrapped it, but when she found out we had shitty parts in the play, she decided to make us feel needed by being sluts. I am SO in. One I get the dance down, I'm set. Now all I have to do is NOT look like I'm 12...shiz.

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