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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Isn't it funny how life can screw with you from time to time? Here's two examples:

1) Yesterday, I took a quiz in French. There were two test sheets, and she gave them to us one at a time. I was doing really bad on the quiz, and when she handed us the second test sheet, I noticed that there were some of the answers to the questions on the first sheet on it. So I thought, "To cheat or not to cheat?" I didn't cheat, but I looked around and everyone was cheating. I was proud of myself because I thought it was better to fail honestly than pass with guilt. After the quiz was over, Mde. Fichtman said, "I noticed that there were some answers to the questions from the first sheet on the second sheet, so you could fill in any answers you didn't get right" and something like "duh, think about it." I guess academic honesty is overrated. Sheesh.

2) In the morning, my bus picks me up at about 6:45 when it's supposed to get there 10 minutes earlier. My dad always rushes me and so I shiver my skinny little ace off for 10 minutes. This morning, however, I decided to wait an extra 5 minutes, but while doing so, the goddam bus went by my house while my dad yelled "GODDAM BUSDRIVER!" Oy vey.

We started the dream scene dance rehearsals for Oklahoma! on Wednesday. I guess I'm doing well...Today, Kaelin, Dana and I were doing this horse thing. I was in the front pretending to ride the horse, Kaelin was doing a fake lasso thing, and I forget what Dana did, but it was priceless. We decided that we're just going to skip the dance and do that. It's so much better anyway. We had to do a scene with some guys and Nick Ballasy is my partner. He said he was going to say that he was a narcoleptic in his bio, and onstage he'd pass out from time to time. I took it upon myself to slap him when necessary. So far so good...?

Today in chemistry, we went to the computer lab and went on this site that had an interactive periodic table. I booted up my computer with my partner (me), and soon discovered a lovely suprise...IT HAD MICHAEL JACKSON WALLPAPER ON IT! AHHHHHH! Some guy said, "Hey look, Michael Jackson wallpaper!" "Where?" "On her computer!" Then they all looked at my computer. I must have looked like an ass, because I was sitting on a chair that had no back. Why did I have to get the pediphile computer and the bum chair? I ♥ fate.

Oh, and I HAVE to mention the quote of the...year. This morning, Nadia stole one of my glorious magnets from my locker, and I called her a cleptomaniac. Finally I stole it back and I said, "I can't stand cleptos! My brother is a clepto, and I can stand it!" Wow, that was great. I also did this drunk ballerina thing today and it was pretty funny. All I did was basically spun around with my finger on my head and yelled things like "BALLET! WOOOOO!" You had to be there to see it.

I'm going to the lock-in at the Warwick Fire Hall for St. Cyril's for the second year in-a-row. Last year's was really fun, and I'm sure I'm going to have fun again this time. My mom is *supposed* to pick me up and take me tonight, where she will stay...untill 11. Is this true or not, I don't know. All I know is that I'm outta here!

~ Love,
Dorkquie, the stoned ballerina

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