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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I watched Joe Shmoe Millionaire last night, and he picked Zora, who is my aunt's friend's friend's daughter. I SO have connections.

While watching that, guess who had to call me and ruin my life. You guessed it. My pothead uncle Billy. Man, I just love it when he does that because I always answer the phone, so I'm left to ward him off. He asked me where my mom was and I said Daytona, and he said he wanted to check if I was lying because he said he knew that. He also said how he had people watching her and they knew where she was and blah blah blah and he knew she went to the hospital on 1/14 and all this other shat. He also talked about his undying hatrid for my mother and a lot of it didn't phase me because a) I was trying to watch TV and b) He was probably on one or more substances so all reason left the conversation before it even started. Then I said I love you (HAHA) when the conversation was over and I hung up the phone. And let out one helluva loud scream.

I'm so happy we didn't have school today. We have a 2-hour delay, and I like this too.

American Idol is on tonight...:-D Why this excites me, I don't know.

Tomorrow is (finally) my first practice for Oklohomo! I'm actually excited, as insignificant as my role is. Whatever, I don't care, I'm just going to dance...in the sand of the Carribean. WOW that brings back memories. Holy macaroni, I have to say that tomorrow to Dana, I think we'll C.B. Shit our pants.

Catcher In The Rye is really good. I thought I should let ya'll know.

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